2020 Vice Presidential Debate: Post Debate Analysis


First, as always, when we have a debate, presidential, vice presidential or otherwise we bring in my friend Kpk political analyst Gary Dietrich, who joins us right now, Gary, Welcome to the show. They had good to be with you. And I look forward to a sharing with our callers. And perhaps even hear from them stopped on this. No doubt an important night, my friend. I think it probably is going to go down as one of the most. Important and watch Vice presidential debates. As you know, pad most people steer clear and find out which Channel V p debate it now. Not for me, not tonight. Well, you know for me, Gerry. Because we all know what happened in the presidential debate. Okay? But in the vice presidential debate, couple of things first thing I want to say is, I think we, um maybe learned a little bit more about about The candidates, and certainly one of the things I learned is it was a little different in the first one. It wasn't so testy, and that's college other names to do that, But But when, course, the moderator time, Susan Page us said to the University of Utah, where they held it, But she would say Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, And they would just keep talking as if she was not even ending it in. Both of them were guilty of that tonight. They just don't seem to follow the protocol. Anyone? Yeah, They certainly do a lot better tonight than last week. I mean, but that debt debt to me got annoying as well. But at least and then cure Point Palace is very well taken. It was a far far more substantive debate. Because again last Tuesday, a good third of it. You couldn't even make out what people were saying, because they were talking over each other so much. And then when that wasn't happening. I know the third of it was nothing more than name calling and accusing each other of stuff, right, right. I thought substance substantively. Far better. I know we want to dive into that. But I just think you know a farm or just say, I think helpfully conducted debate that we saw last week. Why a very extensive notes that I took care of it. Let's go to your notebook first. Gerry, what did you take away from this other than the things you've mentioned? Where there's wasn't much name calling, and it was a bit more substantive and it was in certain areas. But I tell you one observation I haven't we continue to have When it comes to politicians. They have an absolute art of avoiding questions, Gerry. It's amazing. It is an amazing talent. You know, sometimes it's so funny because it gets so extreme that they literally launch up on something completely unrelated. To what the question everyone's right. Never even come back, even attempt to do it right. You know, there's the art of bridging, which is you start with an answer that's related question, and you'll really get it. Bridge to something that you'd rather talk about. But somebody has just said I was just like, okay. Thanks for Thanks for speaking. I'd like to say this. All right, let me let me tell you one impression, and I came away from more generally. That and part of this is the nature of being an incumbent III, The vice president, who is currently in office, and part of it is and I have to say this, I felt like in this moderators case. Not a fair and thorough job of taking to cast. Some of Harris is history in elected office, which is extensive and buy even more, so I felt like the vice president Was on the defensive for most of the debate, particularly early on And and I felt like there could have been far more balance in saying, Hey, Well, you know the questions that's been raised about, you Know, X Y Z. When Joe Biden was in the Senate, we didn't hear anything about his voting. Many, many years of voting record Senate nor, frankly, honestly, really any kind of a hardball question about the years service vice president nor really questions that even within our own party have been raised about Senator Harris to me. I had a sense in which the questions themselves. What? Adequately reflective off some of the challenges that have been raised about those who currently or seeking the office. Not holding. I'm glad to hear you say that, Gary because I'm sitting there and I'm listening, and I'm listening very carefully in the moderator moderator plays a big part in this and you're absolutely right. From my perspective. I felt the same thing. I thought the questions were slanted. Um, the through the entire time all the way up until the end when we and I remember the presidential debate, Gary, I remember how the ending they manufacture this question about if you were to lose the election, Mr President, and would there be there smooth transition of power, and then we hear this. We hear this Susan page tonight at the end, and she asked both of them, and it's a slight on the president. He never said he was not going to leave the office piece. We never said anything like that. And there she is pressing this. What I consider to be a manufactured question about what's gonna happen. How would you handle that? Mike Panzer. How would you take? What would your response be? Comma Harris, you and Joe Biden. I am in total agreement. I thought that the questions were slanted, Gary. Well, and you know me, Pat and our listeners have known me for 20. Plus years on the station. You know, I I call them like I see him. I don't care what it was all going on, or Jerry about who was it doesn't matter in the national level, the exact game way, But I really came away feeling that And then there was and I do agree with you about that last question. Frankly, it's the only one she was able to oppose the moderate, she said. She had time for related to election integrity, and I really expected her to go to the integrity of the mail in ballots and these other questions. You know, our How long is the process could be could be drawn out. Could there be expensive court challenges. So take the time to go about whether the president's going to leave or not just seemed odd to me, particularly when everybody from Mitch McConnell on down it made utterly clear. That the president will be leaving if he gets voted out. Anyone if he isn't saying another thing about a question that I really found and I don't know how to use a word except disingenuous. It was the question about When Amy Cola coming back, so just highlighted? Yes, taking up picking up next week and it was about it was about what would you do? And it was a long and convoluted way to get to the Abortion question. What would you do that Mr Vice President in your home state of Indiana, if you'd get if you get approved, and if they throw out will be weighed. And if it goes back to the states, then what would you say Indiana should do what I said. He's not the governor of Indiana anymore. He's going to have absolutely no say in that policy making decision. It was so convoluted odd to me. I felt why don't you just ask you a few pro life or pro choice? Because that's really what the heart of your question is? Absolutely it is. And I believe the American people can see through that, Gary. I really do. Even if your vote he made up your mind. I mean, it's pretty obvious that you can see what's happening, and there was another point there. Where they were talking about late term abortions up until the last day and and pants and asked, you know about that. And there was no answer from Kamala Harris. There was no it was a redirection. It was abridging as you say, Hey, also asked if Judge Amy Kona bear it was going to be appointed. Would you be filling the Supreme Court room? She never answered it. He says to her. I want to make it very clear to the American people. I want them to note that she never answered the question that she says. Well, I'm gonna answer the question right now. Now I'm going to answer. The question can never answer the question. Never, and I listened. I was waiting for that. You know, I was waiting for the answer. It never happened. Yeah, that that and that is a very important issue. I mean, if there's three issues that people are very concerned about it last night, I happened to moderate a debate on I was in debate was a candidate forum of a number of different off was honored of moderate and you know, Congressman Tom McClintock. Well, Yeah, he he was headlining that candidate for him and added, he laid out very eloquently is senator as Congress. McClintock often does what he perceived to be the three major issues going report and it wasn't anything about specific foreign policy or even economic policy was packing the Supreme Court. It was about whether the filibuster is going to be thrown out in the Senate so that whoever has the majority will have complete and utter control. And and thirdly, whether state who is going to be granted to particular selected entities like Puerto Rico like Washington, D. C. That would then begin to quote unquote packed the Congress. And these are very, very significant issues for the future of the United States and our governmental process. None of that was raised tonight and to your point pat, which I think is well taken. Senator Harris refused, and there's no way to get around that refused to answer that question. And I thought that was very telling that you know that issue, which is a very central one right now and could have ramifications for many, many decades become was not answered.

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