Seattle police accused of violating court order on crowd control methods


And and filing filing a a contempt contempt of of court court allegation allegation against against the the city city of of Seattle. Seattle. They They argue argue police have been violated a federal judge's ruling when it comes to the use of non lethal crowd control methods against protesters. More from Kemal's Matt Markovich. During an August vigil held streetside for summer, Taylor. Protesters say police tactics violated a federal judge's court order. There was no violence. There was no nobody's damaging anything. There was no spray paint anywhere. We were having a peaceful vigil, but it turned ugly. As have many demonstrations over the last several weeks, declaring it a riot doesn't change the rules here. Now the American Civil Liberties Union and others have filed a contempt of court lawsuit against the city, its second one this time involving police actions at the vigil and three other demonstrations, including the one where an officer rolled his bike over a man's head. We're really asking just Jones to clarify what is allowed and what isn't allowed under that order because that order is still in effect. But we still see protestors protestors being hurt every single day. Federal Judge Richard Jones ruled in June that the city could use pepper spray blast balls under limited circumstances when it wass necessary, reasonable proportional and targeted to a specific, imminent threat. We think that's a really high standard that applies to very rare circumstances. But SPD is invoking it constantly. Wait a minute. Are you asking yourself to in the City Council pass a ban on tear gas, blast balls, rubber bullets and limited use of pepper spray. Did passing the band after Judge Jones made his ruling, But federal court Judge James Robart, who oversees nearly all things, SPD, under an eight year old consent decree last week issued a preliminary injunction. Putting an indefinite hold on the council's ban. It means the City Council's crowd control ordinance isn't going to go into effect any time soon. The FBI is working to

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