The Simple Genius Of The W W W Business Plan Template


I am not talking wrestling and I am not a talking internet as the rain comes culting down outside. What I'm talking about is who what and when and that is the simple Genius of what is potentially a business plan template model that you can use for your business. Now something I picked up from Naomi Simpson who is one of the Sharks on the Australian version of the Shark Tank and this was a rerun of an episode from a few months ago. I think but what she said in speaking to one of the would-be entrepreneurs was what she looks for in her businesses is who is going to do what and by when so that's the three W's of business and if you really think about it, sometimes when we look at our business plans we get bogged down in so much detail, which is important to understand but it's sometimes prevents us from drilling down. Under what really matters which is what needs to be done. When do we need to do it and who is going to actually do it? So I reckon that is a fantastic template for anyone who's looking to do a business plan right now, maybe instead of getting bogged down in the detail start with the three W's and work out what's really important and quite simply in one sheet of paper. You can probably have the Crux of old business plan right there at least the ww.w business plan credits and I have your Simpson for that one. All righty that

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