White Supremacists, Russia Pose Top Threats, Homeland Security Says


New report from the Department of Homeland Security says, Russia is most aggressively trying to inflame us social and racial tensions. DHS's I ever homeland threat assessment also says that white supremacists pose quote the most persistent in lethal threat to the country. But while the body of the report makes clear that Russia is the primary foreign threat to our twenty twenty elections an assessment shared across the intelligence community. The Acting Homeland Security Secretary. Chad Wolf offered a different emphasis in the foreword stating that China Iran and Russia are all seeking to disrupt the election that sentiment is renewed criticism from people on the inside and outside experts that the trump administration is seeking to draw a false equivalency between Moscow and Beijing doing. The former acting head of DHS's office of Intelligence and Analysis Brian Murphy accused Wolf at a whistleblower complaint last month of directing him to play down intelligence reports on. Russian interference. In order to quote, avoid making the president look bad. and. Also of seeking to modify the draft assessment section on white supremacy to make the threat appear less

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