The Brainwashing of my Dad (with documentary filmmaker Jen Senko)


My mother thinks that rush limbaugh. Yoda you know what? Saying? She's always saying well, rush limbaugh says. Our rush had a great monologue. It was just on point. Oh it's he so tuned into the Culture Rush Limbaugh g listen to rush limbaugh the other day and of course I know I don't listen to rush limbaugh. I did fifteen years ago. You know I was a Ditto head actually read for you a chapter about right wing radio on the broadcast I read it out of my book couple of weeks ago. But I wanted to come back to this because I feel like it's Really been on my mind and it's hugely relevant in today's culture. We've got a whole group this graphic of these pulpit pounding Bible Banging, rush, limbaugh right, Wing Radio Listening Evangelical 's right the Christian Nationalists and they're screaming the name of God is they use their religion just to be Shitty to other people. May I've noticed that about a lot of these guys limbaugh Michael Savage, etc. they're just nasty people. They are always being cruel to other people there pushing buttons because they can. They're stoking the fires of outrage and they sit back and bask in the ratings and the advertising dollars and. All the way to the bank. There's this I think it's a myth that rush limbaugh is himself a Christian. I. Know He likes to speak the language of Christianity. I'm not convinced the Guy Cares at all about the Bible or religion of any kind and back I'd love to sit them down and give him like a sixty second Bible quiz just to see how much he really in fact I'd like to sit most the evangelical 's in power. Donald. Trump I'd like to give him a Bible quiz. Let's just sit down and let me quiz you for a couple minutes. Betsy Devos loved to talk to her Ben Carson Rick, Perry all these people in government are banging their. Bibles I would love to sit them down and asked him basic questions about their faith. But that's a whole other conversation. Today's conversation is with the director and producer of a film called the brainwashing of my dad, an ambassador father who SORTA got sucked in to this rush limbaugh right-wing Radio Christian, nation, kind of narrative focusing at the very least and narrative that sort of others, non-christians, sort of sets them off in their own little box while the moral righteous people are sitting over here. Now, the film itself is not new. It's been out for a few years but I referenced it in my book and I just it's been on my mind because. There is so much of this going on and right-wing radio. I don't think it's ever been more popular. There's video of this conversation. I am going to play some clips from the documentary during the broadcast. These clips add a few extra layers. So you can kind of hear the angle that she's taking Gen Sankoh Director of the documentary film, The brainwashing of my dad. So glad you're here. Hi Seth, it's nice to be here. Give me like a resume real fast the types of work that you've done before the brainwashing my dad. Sure. Will I started out as an artist and a painter? But then I felt like I wanted to reach a wider audience and I just started making films but they were always sociopolitical. The Sue. The first one was roadmap warrior women about really independent women that I met out west and then the second was was. co-director with fury derosa the vanishing city. About the lecture vacation of New York City. But also how it's happening throughout the world and cities coming less affordable and right now I'm writing a book. Also called the brainwashing of my dad. Got Picked up by source books so I can always tell you more. Fun, I mean. Let's go back to your dad. You didn't grow walk in this sort of right wing I mean I know limbaugh started back in the eighties but I mean, you didn't come from that sort of hardcore conservatism. nope. Not at all my parents were what I guess. I would describe as very liberal, very open minded. They were Kennedy Democrats and they were also like FDR Democrats they came from the depression. So FDR them was a hero who pull them out of the depression they most remembered hoover and felt like he didn't do anything but they were really enthusiastic about. And I think they were quite devastated. When he was assassinated. But yeah, they were they were I would actually list describe them as hippies before hippies same. We're very open minded My Dad especially loved talking all different kinds of people very non judgmental. As you probably saw the film, you know one time in this is in the sixties. We came out and port. Authority. We're visiting New York. For the day and there was a a black homeless man and she US Monday for some money my dad called him Sir had a conversation with them. And gave them like a couple of coins or two, but you know so they kind of thing made an impression on me that. You know accept all people and jobs. You know he wasn't for they were judgmental national change later.

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