Full Auto Friday - Round 21

Cleared Hot


This Monday. Talked about them for the first time? They're awesome in the reason that I say that they're awesome and the reason that I feel like they're so important is that I believe at a baseline level. As a human being, you should strive to be a value add. Many people. Feel. Comfortable with carrying a gun and. Involving themselves were executing violence if they were called to. And many people don't, and if you don't feel comfortable with the former. You have a choice you can still be value add. Medical Training Medical Preparedness might actually be where I would start people before picking up a gun because a gun can cause issues that you need to be able to fix enter templar medical. They provide private an open enrollment training opportunities for civilian law enforcement, medical personnel, and the military, and there's GonNa be some new classes dropping on their website. Soon, they are in n. a emt. Association of Emergency Medical Technicians authorized training center. They're also veteran owned they're located in Virginia Beach. Virginia. And she briefly worked with the owner for short period of time many years ago. What I focused on what the Glover episode and what I'm going to focus on again today is There Trauma Med kits. They have some new ones they come in black and multi Kim. They also have Kevin kits and turning kit pouches. These kids could not be easier. They have a pull handle and when you pull that handled the medical kit that is made in partnership with North American rescue, and if you know anything about the emergency trauma medicine world, you're going to hear have heard of the name North American rescue financial brand. You pull on this handle and that kit comes out and there are multiple uses for this kit. You can use them on the range you could have Mona gun belt or in a medical kit I have multiple in my vehicles. If you're a hunter, you need to throw into these things in your backpack if you're a hiker or an outdoor person. It actually doesn't

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