Green Bay Top New Orleans 37 30. It was Buffalo downing the Rams 35 to 30 to Monday night Football tonight.



The Rams 35 to 30 to Monday night Football tonight. Kansas City at Baltimore Regain Tech Hokies Wanna know Mr missing 23 players Saturday but still pounded NC State Drop out of the AP poll. As the pole began, TIO consider Big 10 and Pac 12 teams. Hokies Air 23rd in the Coachespoll. Miami advances to the MBA finals. Nat's close out the baseball season with 15 5 win over them at 16 teams move on to the playoffs than that's not one of them, and the second round of the playoffs began Sunday for NASCAR, with Kurt Busch winning at Vegas. Sports Harry Hess News Radio W R K. Thank you very much, very appreciated. 6 53. When we come back, we'll talk to Norman Leahy, the Virginia columnist for The Washington Post. He's been monitoring a lot of stuff. That's Kind of zing and back and forth here is we had closer and closer to the debates tomorrow night for the president on Joe Biden and the president's visit to Newport News on Friday night, We'll get Norman's take on all of that when we return in just a moment news radio W R V. Bracing for the

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