You know, I was actually thinking about this morning. It's been going on. It's rivaling the length of the



Distinct call out to Antonin Scalia room she had been a clerk. And saying how much he had influenced her legal views. Ah, very interesting. And I think that calm is a lot of conservatives who may have favored other judges for the For the post in that, gosh, perhaps we could get a another Scalia type person. Here. Um, yeah, but it's definitely going to be a big battle within the Beltway. Does it make a difference out in the countryside? I'm not 100% sure about that. Same difference if he if he put somebody up who's unappealing or Comes across in the 30 seconds that most people pay attention to it. If they come, somebody who's a jerk? I mean, I'd never met her. I've I've never seen her speak. I know very little about her other than what I've been Fed. And I will say I thought she came across like somebody you might want to work with in an office. Way and and that's That's the thing. She's she's. She's accomplished. She knows what she's talking about. I think she will actually be surprising to some folks on Fourth Amendment issues. She seems to be not necessarily reflectively, deferential to law enforcement or government on certain things. I think that's refreshing. She's not keen on Ah, qualified immunity. I think that's interesting. She's Actually, if you can judge by her opponents, the

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