Amazon's new Ring camera is actually a flying drone -- for inside your home

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Amazon had a big announcement this week. Crazy stuff. Crazy stuff including sensor. So this is this is a complicated story, but there's something technology they're gonNA call sidewalk. which basically put sensors all over your neighborhood. They realized that well, you know you have a doorbell or. You know your your mailbox to might be distant from your Wi. Fi may not be able to get a connection. So what if we spent set up? A low bandwidth network for Internet of things. That goes spans the neighborhood and your neighbors if they have. Amazon stuff. Will support it. It's nine hundred megahertz. So that goes a long long way. Amazon says as much as half a mile. There's a little sensor you could put on your mailbox say. You've got mail. That'd be funny if it said that you've got mail. and you're smart lights and your garage door opener and your and your doorbell, and all that stuff can be on that network. They also say will work with trackers like tile. Because Do. We really wants Amazon have sensors all over the. What that's crazy. But that's not the craziest thing they announced. It's not even close. They a few a month or two ago. They announced a wristband that will analyze your voice and let you know if you're angry. Maybe at the end of the day, you know you, you had some really angry conversations. Okay. Okay they say don't we're not sending your voice back to the Home Office is just analyze it on your in your band. Well okay. I don't I believe that. But. That's not the craziest thing. Even ounce. Probably. The craziest thing they announced is a security camera. That's a drone inside your house. Maybe forty seen the the videos of it. It's just a little base unit looks just like kind of an Amazon. ECHO says, ring on Amazon bought the Ring Doorbell Guy. Says Ring on it. And It's two hundred, fifty bucks available next year. And I don't think flies around your house when your home it could but the idea would be you're not home. Intruder, alert intruder alert and the and the the base thing goes zoo drone comes up out of the base. and. Flies around your house looking for the intruder. They've worked on. This. For two years. They said it's an obvious product that's very hard to build. As, is it an obvious product? It doesn't. You don't have to fly it. It just flies by itself avoids windows. Drapes S- couches, dogs. v You could say where it can go and what path takes they don't go in the bedroom. But So when you first get it, you, you build a map for this drone. It says, okay. Tell me where you'd like me to go to look around. It can be commanded to fly on demand. So guests, it could fly when your home if you WanNa see what the kids are up to. Uh Mom. Kids are GonNA start throwing things at not get off, take it back at the drone out of my room. or it can be programmed to fly. When a disturbances detected by the ring alarm system. When the cameras in the charging basic can't see anything the camera the. Records only when its in flight and and rings says, the drone makes an audible noise when flying of course, it does and you've heard drones or noisy. So, it's not going to sneak up on anybody. So you could use it. They said, well, how many times have you? Left the House and said, did I leave the stove on? If you ever done that I've done. That have you ever turned back to check. I don't remember if I've done that but I wouldn't be surprised not how you can just have the drone look. Is the dog. Okay sleeping. It can it can check to see I don't know if you close the garage door I guess. It will avoid objects in its past the propellers are. Shielded. So you know they they can't hurt anybody if should fly into you. I don't know I. THINK WE WANNA. Battle drone. In case of troopers come in I think it should have shocked probes, buzzsaws, projectiles should you know let's put a gun in the thing? How you like it? The ring. Always Home Cam. That's the weirdest thing Amazon announced. Yeah Wow We think we're living in the future. This is doesn't life feel a little bit like a science fiction novel now? Like maybe it's just me. I feel like You know when I started doing this show way back when in the nineties it was like Oh. Yeah. Yeah. You can. You can have a spreadsheet and do your. Business. Documents. Now, it's like you've got a killer drone in house. Well, it's not a killer yet yet. A. Crazy world we live.

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