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Lot of long faces as the game was going on. But once he's hit that three run Jack in the sixth to use your word, everything changed. Everything changed. I had a front office employees just text me right now, telling me he is the drive the passion and the ultimate teammate. Plus, he has all the talent in the world. But he is also just one of the guys. He does not view himself as anything other than just one of the 28 players on this roster, and certainly over the course of the season, you have to say. He has been the fuel that has just energized this club The way he plays the passion, Just the energy that he plays with. It has really rubbed off. Even a stoic guy like Manny Machado has been smiling and laughing all season long and that straight talk. Wyler's no contract, no compromise. He's been an all time great in the regular season. Not so much, though. For Clayton Kershaw, who's been the poster boy. The Los Angeles Dodgers postseason failures. The longtime left, He got the ball for Game two as the NL's top team looked to finish off the Brewers Milwaukee without Ryan Braun in the starting lineup because of the oblique injury, But the Dodgers had their top bad bets and a swinging a shot past a diving or Ia's into the left field corner. Polic will come in to score. Barnes is on his way to third. Grounding and heading home and he'll score without a throw. Two run double for Mookie Betts makes it three to nothing Dodgers who run to Sacher for bets that backs the offense, I mentioned Kershaw, let's just say he was on his game. The 12 pitch on the way Curveball freezes here and gets him strikeout number 11. Seven Fantastic innings thus far for Clayton Kershaw, Theo, too, and a slider and why would you throw him anything else? Swinging him is he just schooled him on three straight sliders, 12 strikeouts for Kershaw to match his career postseason high three. Nothing Dodgers and the 22 pitch on the way swing and a miss. He did throw him a slider and he got him. And what an outstanding

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