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In a presidential debate and what Kamala Harris said today about trump supreme court pick. Down Trump's tax record will surely be a key part of tomorrow's first presidential debate with. Joe. Biden. Anticipated and most important debates in American political history. The New York Times supplying new details for suspicions about his business dealings suspicions that also haunted him in the two. Thousand Sixteen GOP primary debates. About it could you allows line anything about bankrupting. I don't know. I took one million dollars and I turned it in one million dollars. I borrowed one. We can say. And my next guest Carly Fiorina came to those same debates armed with her own successful business record which she turned on from. There are a lot of us Americans who believe that we are going to have trouble someday paying back the interest on our debt because. I have run out mountains of debt using other people's money. That is, in fact, precisely, the way read ran your casinos you ran up mountains of debt, as well as losses using other money, and you were forced to file for bankruptcy not once not twice four times a record four times. Why should we trust you? This nation. Joining me now is the aforementioned carly, Fiorina, former Republican, presidential candidate great to have you with us. So you are one of the few who's actually debated. Then candidate trump, how would you use these New York Times revelations against trump in a debate if you're the Biden Campaign I would use them, but I would use them carefully and I say that because while of course, the media is fascinated by this story as a my personally because it. Confirms my suspicions that he's never been business man. He's always been in entertainer and he's in a great deal of financial distress. It turns out but I say use them carefully because the vast majority of Americans may not be following this closely and what they really need to see from Joe Biden is how he is going to improve their lives whether it's with regard to Cova or their job or their healthcare or the fact that they're still home schooling their kids. because. They can't go back to school. So of course, he needs to deal with it. The fact that trump paid literally no taxes it would appear federal income taxes for ten years is certainly. Most. Americans would consider that unfair if nothing else but I think Joe, Biden needs to stay in control of this debate in what I mean by that is he has to decide what what are the points that he wants to get across about himself. He to look Presidential Act presidential behave presidentially and he can't get into too much of a month fight with Donald Trump consents with donald trump wants in fact, what do you think and you just pointed out the you're very fascinated interested in these reports just as the media is what do you think of how trump runs his businesses based on what you've learned from the New York Times reported? I was reminded today reading. This report is being asked in two thousand fifteen. If I had only one word to use to describe Donald. Trump what would it be and my answer was entertainer and the journalists said, oh. Don't you mean businessman I said no, he's a lousy business man I mean we knew enough then to know he was allows businessman. What we now know is that he is actually presided over a a lot of financial distress and that he is facing a lot of personal financial liability and so obviously that. Demonstrates that this is not a guy who understands how to manage things successfully we knew that was for bankruptcies in a row, but now we know. At a level of detail I think that's quite surprising. Actually, let me play for you how Joe Biden talked about his debate plans in an interview with my colleague Stephanie Role Watch this. Look people know the presence a liar I mean they know that it's not like it's GonNa come as a surprise. And so I'm prepared to go out and make my case as to why I think he's failed and why I think the answers I had to proceed will help the American people in the American economy and make us safer internationally. It is going to be difficult. I know the I mean my guess is it's going to be straight attack they're going to be mostly personal owning knows how to do. He doesn't know how to debate the facts, but he's not that smart. What are your thoughts about that assessment? You know obviously president trump is Joe Biden said there lies he's not going to stick to the facts. He'll make things up he may not be grounded in truth it may make the attacks personal. What is Joe Biden have to do? What is the moderator in this debate have to do you think Well I think Chris. Wallace has demonstrated in previous interviews with the president that he's willing to hold people accountable for the facts and I'm sure he will do that in a fair and balanced way. But I think Biden, is exactly right trump tries to control the airspace and he has succeeded in controlling the airspace as he did in the twenty sixteen primaries by being outrageous controversial insulting by hurling amazing statements that people fall over themselves trying to correct and Joe, Biden can't let him control the airspace and so part of Joe Biden this job I, think is to let trump be drop you know maybe there's a moment where he can have a reaganesque. There you go. Again because more people see. Donald Trump. The more he reinforces what they think of him and so. Don't try and Control Donald Trump but don't let donald trump control you either Joe Biden has to stay in charge of his own message. All right, very important advice different from Carly Fiorina thank

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