Los Angeles County Agrees to $14 Million Payout After Deputies Illegally Detain Immigrants


Million settlement against the L. A County after people were held in jail by the Sheriff's Department for Ice several years back more than 18,000. People will get between 250 $25,000 After the Board of Supervisors approved the class action settlement. The people were detained during the years 2010 through 2014. Jenny Pascarella is with the O U. This is significant settlement that is long overdue for Many thousands of people who were unlawfully detained by the sheriff's department at Isis request. However, Sheriff Alex Vienna, Wavell told supervisors his department should not be punished for the actions of previous administrations. $40 million settlement is going to be paid out of the sheriff's department funds. However, the actions that rose to the arose the settlement from under Karabakh's tenure and Sheriff Daly County Sheriff's Department agreed to stop holding immigrants for ice in 20. 14 Emily

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