Americans critical of Trump handling of virus


A new poll from The Associated Press North Center for Public Affairs research finding that three weeks from election Day less than that, now a majority of Americans a critical of President Trump's handling. Of the pandemic has well as his own illness. Inoue Piano RC Poll finds that 65% of Americans feel that President Trump has not taken the Corona virus outbreak in the U. S seriously enough, 54% disapprove of how the White House handled the president's own Coben 19 diagnosis. The majority of Republicans 83% approve of President Trump's overall job performance. But they showed some scepticism of the handling of Trump's diagnosis with just half saying they trusted the information provided by the White House. Troy Andrews, a Trump supporter from Maine, says he's not surprised. Administration may have held back because of betraying a weakness instead of training. With three weeks to the election. President Trump has a 39% overall approval rating. That's on par with previous ratings over the course of his presidency, Jennifer King

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