See who won at the Billboard Music Awards


Well, did you guys have a chance to West? The Billboard Music Awards? I did. I watched it just because killer Mike was receiving to change Make awards. So I had it on mute until that portion of the knot and see. I try to tune in for a little bit. I seem colleague pick up his award. Then I seen saying Jones started before, but I didn't see past that well post. Malone was the biggest nominee, and he actually was the biggest winner. He got nine awards. Overall, he got top artist. Top male artist Tap 100 artists have billboard 200 artist taps dreaming songs. Artist Hap Rat Male artist hot wrapped towards had rap album. In all the vets. Khalid won a lot of awards, too. He got a top R and B album and top R and B artist and Top Army Middle Artis Summer, Walker got top Army female artists. Khalid got top army tour. But, yeah, So that was on last night card to be one for top, a wrap female artist and as a little known as X Got top hat, 100 song, top streaming song and top selling song, Okay?

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