Podcast Tips, Tools and Voice - Carl Robinson, Rumble Studio - Voice Tech Podcast ep.078


IDEA is to to record three or four upfront before launching a podcast or something I didn't do. I was always a rushing to find new guests to fill up the queue is good to have a bit of a buffer. So say record three or four before you actually launch but to get started, just do the one and the second thing would be to prepare so. To know you'll gassed read that blog usually all as needed I I look at that social accounts in that blog and see what they're all about, and then I can come up with lots of questions driven by my own curiosity as to why they go into the space. What company does the challenges in their industry who that client saw are what the main problem They solve is all all sorts of questions that come to mind just write down the questions in a Google Doc, and then afterwards you can structure them. You can reword the question is like at the former full conversation script you don't need to stick to the script exactly, but it really does help to have questions in mind and Knob at about that business and industry. In before you actually speak to them. So you can sound informed respect time, and so you get the best out of your guest. And the last one I would say is tooling you don't need to go out and spend. Two hundred and fifty bucks on a Mike Straightaway, my microphone I've always used twenty euros. I need an audio interface cost around sixty got barringer. He's Barringer of the the Browns, the bite that those things. So I less one hundred bucks on both of that you can use free software or the software that you can buy readily inexpensive continue my stack right now the recording remote interviews use scored cost I edit in Hindenburg which is fantastic. podcast host is currently buds sprout although there are many good ones like blueberry at Lipson. A wordpress blog, which you can set up basically for free posted on hosting, which have really good. Affordable plans as well in order to schedule remote interviews are used calendar early but expect them to turn up expect some guests account zone. You have to do it all over again another day and I use google docs for the scripts I. Always send them questions beforehand. So they can. They can review it suggests any any corrections as well. So that's the. The general kind of tooling. So most of that stuff you can get for less than a few hundred bucks, but you definitely don't even need to spend that. When you first start outside, just get you first five episodes recorded the for next to nothing, and then go from that in what about for more experienced podcasters, any thoughts and maintaining a successful podcasts. So once you found your stride and you've got your prices in place, you'll probably not a number of other things come up apart from maintaining a a buffer of episode you didn't get caught out I would say consistency is is the key because your listeners will start to expect episodes every week every two weeks saw whatever it is. You do I personally found weekly to be a lot of work I started out doing one every two weeks, and then the became popular I switch to weekly but I find it really. Was a lot of work I was at that point I realized you know it was kind of interesting with my other activities. Then I start outsourcing some of the activities found an external podcast editor. I hide virtual assistant handle lot the social media these things. But what you save in time

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