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You incur in financial expense trade off the number one thing the realize it just takes more time and that puts pressure on you to monetize so that you can outsource some of this stuff. So it gradually goes from being a An enjoyable activity to becoming a business and that's the recommendation I would give is that don't underestimate the amount of time creating audio can take and creating consistently high quality professionally, and over the long term really is is much more of an investment than than some people believe an interesting facts is that at the moment, there are over one million podcasts on apple podcasts and it's a fight is bandit around a lot but only half of those are active are actively being updated with new episodes and only half of those. have more than ten episodes, and so in fact, there were only two hundred and fifty thousand active podcast with more than ten episodes on the Apple Kosta, which when you consider consider out next to the number of blogs, there are hundreds of millions of blogs number of youtube channels as more than thirty million youtube channels two, hundred, fifty, thousand podcasts really thought that much and I think that one of the big reasons for that is the that such a high level of attrition because it's so time consuming to cry audio. And to do so over the long time consistently. Carl, one of the things you've done is monetize your podcast paid listeners get extra content and can listen to the full episodes of older podcast. Tell me more about this monetization how it's gone and you would you recommend others follow your path. Yes that's right. So like I was saying time was becoming more of an issue. So I needed to monetize in order to outsource I. Love the repetitive tasks and so I was thinking how can I get money from the podcast without spoiling it by cramming it full of ads I do how advertising space on conserve limited it to I think to sponsors. Shows. So it's not overly burdened I think the MACs that people I've seen people do as fall so they do A. Pre Roll to mid rolls and was a poster although the one at the end and but there's other ways you can monetize you. Other than ADS. So another one that I've gone down, another option are taken his affiliate marketing. So actually I recommend some causes one in particular. Conversation design calls by rubber copy, you can check out voice tech podcast, dot, com slash Rub Okapi highly recommend it so very popular. One of the best conversations design courses out there, and that's probably Alongside the AD space and the voice type pro, which took part in the moment has been one of the best ways that I found monetize the podcast and it delivers value because it's something very, very relevant my audience and voice tech- pros the other thing that I've done. So I've offered listeners away to contribute. The eight dollars a month and what you get for that is episodes earlier than than on the public feed see it's done through. Patriots you get your own private rss feed you gaps earlier you get them out free and you get some bonus content as well. So often in podcast I ask if you bonus questions usually about the guests personal life career or advice, they have the people. Entering the industry, the more questions and save those just for the protesters and like you say, the the other thing that. Gives access the full back catalogs. So my logic was the people are so into the podcast that willing to go back and listen to the fullback. Kazlo then they're probably the kind of people that be willing to pay to do that. But I didn't want to pay wall the entire podcast coasts because that is the benefit I offer. My guest is exposure to my audience. So I thought it was a nice trade off to. The latest three or four episodes. Public Liberal with ADS. So that anyone subscribed podcast would always get the full conversations minds, the bonus content, and then they wouldn't need to strive. But if they wanted to go back and listen to everything else on the pro feed with no odds and bonus content and they can pay eight dollars a month, support the show and get the benefit that way I think it's what quite. Well, the guests are completely happy with the vast majority of the downloads of any episode are in the first two or three weeks anyway as about. The time I changed the episode from the Full ad-supported has episode on the on the public fade to the to a fifteen minute preview and then encouraged want hit the full APP said they have to subscribe to the proceed by the time that happens the vast people have listened to the the free public version. anyways. So I feel like I'm denying anyone the chance to listen to the latest content I still managed to build my audience throw by at the additional benefit, the people who do on upgrade. Would I recommend others, folios path I, think I think it's definitely one option I wouldn't do it right at the beginning, you need have more of a an established audience before you implement something that I would stop probably with a basic ads sponsorship. If she got sufficient numbers are the good thing about running a podcast in a tight nationwide voice is to have one hundred thousand listeners in order to

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