What If Trump Refuses to Concede?

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Lawrence Douglas era professor of law at Amherst. College Massachusetts you write for The Guardian and you've published a book called Donald Trump will he go about whether the president would actually step down if he loses. Interestingly. The rhetoric we're hearing now is an knew he was working from the same script in two, thousand and sixty, I can promise and pledge. To all of my voters and supporters. And to all of the people of the United States. Then I will totally accept. The results of this, great and historic. Presidential election. If I win. The remaining. When you started worrying about what you're hearing? will extinct many Americans pretty gobsmacked by the last presidential debate that he conducted with Hillary Clinton. Chris Wallace said, will you accept the results? No matter. What do you make the same until you will absolutely sir that you will. Accept the result of this election and I think trump just kinda refused to admit I will look at it at the I'm not looking at anything now I look at it at the time, and then for swallowed pushed him a little harder in that and trump threatened the tourist the answer I will tell you at the time I'll keep you in suspense. I remember watching that in gang Wow that's an astonishing thing to hear the candidate of a major party say and I have to say at the time I also thought, wow, he's finished. You cannot. You cannot refuse to accept electoral results match just kind of attacking norms of constitutional democracy. So I kind of thought at the time that he was. His own coffin shot. A so much for my prognostications, but even when he won they theme continued from him didn't it guess it did in fact, right after his election I actually started writing as a contributing opinion writer to the garden in the very first piece I wrote was about his claim that he had in fact won the popular vote as well except for the fact that there were these three to five million phantom illegal voters he stated that before I think he stated his concerns of voter fraud and and People voting illegally during the campaign, and he continues to maintain that belief based on studies and evidence that people have to him. Press Secretary Sean Spicer doubling down on the president's claim, but repeatedly unable to point to evidence that backs up the charge that has been debunked by Republicans and Democrats alike, and in this piece that route from the garden I really tried to ask what are the politics behind it claim like that I mean not only did he threaten dispute the outcome of the election if? He lost his disputing the outcome of an election that he want. But if in four years time, he trotted out a similar type of argument not to for the purposes of challenging his loss in the popular vote. But challenging his lost the Electoral College vote The damage this system should be hard to exaggerate. Okay. Say Things feel quite different this time because in the run up to this election, he basically got asked that same question again didn't he and he responded similarly you commit to making. Sure. That there's a peaceful transfer of power after the election going to have to see what happens. You know that I've been complaining very strongly about the ballots and the ballots are a disaster. We WanNa make sure the election is honest and I'm not sure that it can be i. don't I. Don't know that it can be on top of that. He's a lot to say about the workings of the election itself what is his argument and how much does it change now that he's the incumbent president Well. For one thing, he has spent the last three and a half years telling the American people that our electoral system is unreliable, which again is kind of unprecedented act in American history and what trump has done is he's kind of created this heads I win tails you lose situation in which the only way that the system can demonstrate its legitimacy is if he wins and if he loses well, that's simply becomes proof of what he's been saying all along. We having in yesterday's episode that Donald Trump is really hitting out at the postal system. And in particular state Sir automatically send out mail-in ballots voters. Why politically focusing on this issue There's a particular demographic that we need to pay attention to. These mail in ballots a recent poll indicated I. think that around twenty to twenty, five percent of. Trump's supporters intend to vote by mail in pallets that compares to about fifty five to sixty percent of Biden voters who are going to vote Mallon ballot. So we can see that trump is kinda tactically trying to discredit votes that are gonNA, break against him and very, very unfair to our country. If, they do this, our country will be a laughing stock all over the world because everyone knows it doesn't work how many ballots is sending in California's exit twenty, eight million or some massive number. Other states are sending out millions and millions of ballots I don't WanNa. See a crooked election. This election will be the most rigged election and history

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