Guild Esports is Paying David Beckham How Much Money!?

The Esports Minute


Over the summer, we've been reporting on a new sports organization or technically a rebranded older organization. The Lord's E. Sports became guilty sports and welcome David Beckham on as a CO owner q a lot of mainstream fanfare including on this podcast. Then they listen to the organization on the London Stock Exchange and that felt like a bold choice considered very few eastwards organizations are. Actually publicly traded companies mostly because they don't make any money yet but guilty sports was able to raise twenty million pounds at evaluation of about forty million pounds and today we learned where most of those pounds are going to end up going thanks to buy a SEC at the East sports observer his report which I will link below says before Beckham sign on as a CO owner, the organization entered into an influencer agreement with Beckham. It's a five year deal where the former soccer star will become. The face of guilty sports. Exchange will be paid out fifteen million pounds or about twenty million dollars beckons. Actual investment in the company is about three hundred grand. Beckham also gets fifteen percent of all merchandise and sponsorship revenues throughout this five year deal. Wow. This is a tough sell. So now you have a publicly traded eastwards organization that competes in just a few titles, Rocky League and fever being the main to. Is Sports organizations do not make that much money even when they can take home one, hundred percent of all merchants sponsors sales guild will be operating with eighty five percent of those revenue streams. Now, the organization is on the hook for twenty million dollars paid out increasing annual installments over the next five years plus fifteen percent of those two primary revenue streams. In addition to the twenty million dollars, they raised the public listing guild also raised additional six million dollars in outside capital. But the public offering bullet is really only able to be shot. What's now the stock will have to work on its own merits if they want people to continue pumping money into the organization. And given the history of publicly traded eastwards companies. That's not really that likely to happen.

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