Closing Out the NBA Bubble With Malika Andrews

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So Melita. Today is the day where are we reaching you right now for the listener if you could describe what's around you what you're looking at potentially I suppose the last time. I'm in my hotel room at the Grand Destino. Coronado Springs. Hotel. And this has been my my room, my home, my apartment for the last one, hundred, seven days Melita Andrews has been inside the NBA bubble as long as any other member of the media. It feels like moving I'm down to the bits and bobs that are no longer fun like the half eaten bag of Doritos did I want to decide what I want to do with and the? Is that I have to decide really to these need to stay or go but I only have about two hours until I am getting picked up. And then you will be back among us out years. So Melita as. The most successful covert related experiment in America comes to an end. What's the current status of the bubble? Now are people still abiding by all the protocols yesterday officially, the bubble quote unquote burst and it means a green yellow and red zone which coordinates to the colors of our credentials. So previously where I was staying was all green, which was the first tier, wear players, referees, select media, members, coaches, MBA staff were, and those folks got tested every day when the Lakers won that became more squishy because the governor's owners or whatever you want to call them like Guinea boss who was in yellow were able to come down onto the court, the agents and family members and thinking of folks like rich Paul. Who had watched the championship in yellow were then to come into the Green Zone to party all night long with the Los Angeles Lakers this hotel opens to the public tomorrow while so we're literally the last people in here. There are maybe half a dozen MBA staff trying to make sure that. is getting figured out I actually went to the package to check for one more package and it was like last packages for Lebron James Lacks packages for Jimmy Butler last. For, Andrews. Melinda Adams all lined up sort of all in one area. So. Melinda when the bubble burst yesterday, my producer said. Oh Melita. You are not going to be ready. And she's right I'm not. What Melinda was referring to what she was warning you about is what it's like on the outside he yeah. Well, because everything when I first got here, there were a lot of folks who joked. When you got out of quarantine you served your time Oh, your your time is up. And that always bothered me mainly because when you look at the prison systems in the United, states that has been a hotbed for corona virus in many cases because people are in such close quarters and so. They couldn't be more different than the discomfort that folks who are incarcerated here in the united. States are going through as they're battling covid and what that means. People keep asking me here I get texts from my family I get it from the people who are checking us out. Are you so excited to go home I think when I came down here for months ago there was a real hope that I had that it would sort of be like this machine I would go in, get spit back out on the other side and things would be different. Country Standpoint of where we at with CORONA VIRUS AND That anxiety. Is. Still there.

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