Digging Up The Past!


Are Adventure. Time begins with our hero. The world's most brilliant scientists Dr Floyd currently on the bridge of his time and space ship along with his young protege Dr Grant and their faithful robot companionship's on them are currently hurtling at full speed through the time space stream doing gypsy. Conducted fever ship with us. Excellent so we're finally going to do it. Dr Floyd we're finally going to capture Dr Steven Fisher a Dr Grant will harpooned under Stephen fidget ship and told them back to the present and bring them to justice. That's fantastic. Dr Floyd. High. Target. Target. Nothing's GonNa stop us now. Oh hang on the phone ring what Dr? Fluid nobody's got the remember our time and space entering the. Race, we can't just let it ring. You Cook Meat Important Call. Yes. So Dr Floyd chips, you better power down the Harpoon and the dramatic music. Oh. Come home. Well, right in the middle or something and besides I told you that we can't puppy Mr Beauty Jen's anymore. Well then why do you need us to come home? And See. We'll be right there mom. Okay by. Chips said, of course for Settle River. City. My mom tells present day. Dr Floyd. What is your mom? Okay. She's she's find out degree. Then what's the matter? He's backed actor he's come back after all these years I'm not following who has come back Dr Floyd may my father? Dr Floyd's father has returned where is he? Why has he been gone so long and why haven't we heard about him before these we'll have to wait for later as it's now time to see what that low down Lone Light Dr Steve, and he's sunk shape assistant featured are doing their own time and space shift step on it fidget there right behind us. You do know what they'll do if they catch us right. They're going to bring us the justice. Will I do want to be brought to justice? Could you imagine how boring it would be to be stuck in Oklahoma? There'd be nothing to do. Justice Oklahoma the population there is only like thirteen hundred at last count each boredom city. Enough Chadha keepdriving. We've. Got To escape. What do you mean? We have escaped. They've stopped following us. We'll where. They made a time jump back to settle river. Well. How Rude Is Rude fidget, and very disrespectful I'm his odgen Nemesis for Pete's sake he supposed to never give up trying to bring me Justice Oklahoma. This ship around fidget. Yes, I know if they on following us, we're free to go anywhere we want but that's not what we're going to do. We're going to follow them back to settle river and make duck Lloyd pay dearly for giving up the chase chairman Dr. Steven turn around to head back to celebrate our city. We now join our heroes who are just parking their time and space ship in the driveway of thirty-seven Pablo Avenue Subtle, river city, the ancestral home of the Floyd family okay we landed. On now, how come you've never talked about your father before Dr Floyd what's to talk about? He's my dad. Years, where was he? He's a world famous archaeologist and he's always off exploring the world for lost ancient cities. I can be. Kinda to but not so much in that we get sued for copyright infringement or anything I. Don't understand why you wouldn't talk about him more I mean if I knew my dad and he was as cool as your dad sounds I talk about him all the time. Sure. Huge. Amazing. All right He. was always out traveling the world picking through dirt or giving lectures at museums. No time to read with his young son no time to be there when his young son wins is first blue ribbon at the kindergarten science. Fair she I'm sorry Dr Floyd. Floyd. No I'm sorry. East that gave you your sense of adventure and so on. TV Exploration. Well, we'd better go in or mom we'll be out here banging on the side of the ship soon, heroes are walking up to the front door, the Floyd family home what will Dr Floyd's father be like we'll Dr Floyd able to work out his differences with his father, and we'll Steve Ever learned that there was actually another type of justice that he could be brought to. All right Mr. Narrator that justice in Illinois to that sounds worse than being Oklahoma find out next time on the radio adventures of duct. Lloyd.

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