Rumer Willis: Badass Beauty


How was your weekend in the desert. I'm in la and we have yet to see each other because you were in the desert. I did a rams game yesterday. Good i'm good. I get to see you tomorrow but we have something in common. You did a rams game. And i was at bighorn country club so oh big horn rams. There's a connection there. They both have horns yeah. They have a similar logo thing going on. They do from what i've seen. Yes so we were. We were connected even though we weren't together. Who who did you play. Who is there. Kurt was there i assume. Kurt wyatt matt. Franko played for a bunch of baseball teams. I know matt very well. Yeah i was with his brother luc. Greg brother wyatt joey disalvo. Sheriff joey josh algebra and we just had an amazing fund. Golf tournament was a boys trip and it was really really fun. But i'm I'm recovering the those trips. There's you're not resting at all. It's just pedal to the metal. You know. yeah and he played. You played good golf. I play google. I didn't play very well. Played well the first day but it was really fun teams before two teams of four ryder cup style. Highly competitive group. Everyone is in each other's faces screaming about rules getting drunk. Afterwards you know trying to amend things. We're not plan from the fucking blue cheese. We decided on the silvers. And we're staying two silvers things that just gets ramped up and and put a name kurt. Kurt started it because he was like onto fucking okay. You guys are playing from the silver tease. I'm playing from the blues. I'm seventy years old next year. And when i turned seventy i'm fucking plan from the members. Steve all right so fuck you all. I'm playing the members season. We're like okay fine pa but you are playing from the silver. We've already done one round from the syllabus. We're not playing from the gold's and have adjusted all the handicapped. So it all makes sense. I said you wanna play from the blues. I take give back to shots a took a beat. I don't know we started laughing. Nice who don't play golf. Don't and and believe me. I i understand For various reasons why people maybe aren't into it but if you are into golf and you get into a situation like that when you're with family are really good friends and you're able to make golf almost like a contact sport like you're you're drinking. You're having fun you're given shit to each other. There's just nothing better especially you know this time of year. Long shadows son's going down. You know you're going to have fun that night. Just hanging out. And it's why it's just an intoxicating game for people who enjoy it and it's hard to explain that to people that don't play and again i understand why a lot of people don't but i i it's just it's been the greatest. It's my one outlet. My one outlet in my life is getting a chance to just kind of get away from my phone. Get away from thanking worrying about work and do my fun time. That's right and we get to play tomorrow. I haven't i haven't played golf with you in over a year right. I mean yeah eight seen you. When's the last time i saw you know colorado. Yeah yeah yeah yeah colorado. Yeah god senior by forget way you know what wearing the same button-down shirt like reading much lumber jackie flannel five. Yeah let's address. Let's address this. Because i think it's important. You are a little asshole the other day on. You're texting me such a dick edge. I made fun of his overcoat. Saying it looked pink on tv and the guy blows a gasket. Like i've never fucked like. I've never fucked with him before in my life.

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