Michael B. Jordan Is People's Sexiest Man Alive

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Heating up on daily pop today. We have some major. Hollywood feuds to talk about the first shall we start with something. A little sexy feud about that hunting not okay. Michael jordan was just named sexiest man. Alive i feel like i've been waiting for this wherever let's put it that cover. That's what i'm talking about looking good good choice. I think i called this a couple of years ago. I thought he was going to a couple of years ago. So it's taken some time but we'll finally got it by the way the nation the world america is divided on a lot of things right now. This is one thing that we can all agree on. Give this man the cover. And as dr fauci of sexy man. You don't have fifteen years experience in this situation. I have actually been right for out of the five times guessing. The cover blake shelton through america for. I think that by google jordan was the perfect choice. There was no one else again. It to true true definitely deserving of it and it's so funny How he found out the big reveal for this issue happened last night on. Abc's jimmy kimmel live. Michael said he was driving with a friend when he got the call from his publicist and manager. What on speakerphone. Who you with With bryce he's like okay rice's family he can. No i said okay. Cool because they keep this thing super under lock and key and they told me the news and it was like it was a moment like really did bryce immediately start making fun of you or did he wait at least wait until they hung up the phone and then he immediately started cracking jokes. Sexiest man is like that's cool to everybody else. Anybody really knows you. That's just like just another way they can give jabs. Oh yeah. I can totally see that Do you think celebs secretly love getting this more. They find it embarrassing. Listen i think first of all. I think the way he described it as perfectly. I think it's it's an honor. It's obviously something that's been going on for many years. Definitely not something. That's negative. But i think that when people know you intimately know all of your sides how awkward and dorky and goofy you can be and then you get sexiest man alive. I'm sure that your give you our time about it. Of course yeah i mean. It's a lot of pressure. A lot of pressure like for a year. You can't miss a leg day. You can't be caught eating a car. Those shirtless photos. Better be on point. Because i think people are going to hold you to that standard. It's almost like that. Vanity fair like he would issue if you're the girl who doesn't make it to the next level on that cover people going to be like what happened to her. You know i remember. Blake shelton talking about this. Whenever he won he's like it. Opens up the door for everybody to argue. Why you're not maybe the sexiest man. And there is a hard argument. Rudolph ow justin. Jesus is sexy. I think blake shelton sexy. He's got his his country going on. Yeah exactly

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