S2 E02: On the other side of fear

State of Mind


In this episode recorded in august two thousand nineteen professional base and wings with few more shared with us. His way of overcoming fear. He addressed one of the questions we all have about. What's the best way of dealing with things that scare us in everyday life situations and how with the right attitude and confidence. Everyone can aim to be high performer former and reached a dreams that are on the other side of fear. I'm always scared and the day. I won't feel fear i i will quit because that's a lack of of consciousness. Sometimes people ask me. I want to do what you do. Because i am fearless and we still do something else. You're gonna die. I feel like everyone and it's really important to feel. Fear what i can maybe better than most people is turning my fear into something that will boost me to to achieve more into to realize my dreams okay before we keep talking about fear and how cedric learned. How to consciously turn fear into a powerful tool. We wanted to find out a little bit more but the bathroom athlete and how he got to become one of the best wing suit and base jumpers into world. I've always been involved in action sports. I started skiing when i was three. Started skateboarding when i was four. I think i started surfing when i was seven or eight. I was traveling a lot with my parents. We were going skiing every year. And this is something really important to me. They always gave me the opportunity to discover things to be curious to yet to do different things and see what. I like what i didn't lie. And so you you get to know yourself. I think. I fell in love with nature with adore with in a way a- taking some risks and pushing myself to do things that really were exciting to me and unconsciously early age transforming. What could have been fear into meant growing up in the mountains. Cedric was given the opportunity to explore action sports and become accustomed to very high speed every time he rushed down snow hill in full ski gear. I became really good but not good enough to be professional which was kind of a disappointment. But also i've learned so much from this display. And i became mentally much better than than when i started. So my point here is that you don't have to be born. You not bore mentally tough. You not borne risk-taker it's your your education. It's your social environment. And i think i grew up in a certain environment where was always open to try new things and to be curious and basically to be open and wanting to learn stuff all the time. I don't think i was a mentally strong kid. I became mentally strong. Because i had to. Cedric was disappointed. Donald reaching a professional level skiing. But that didn't keep him from seeking out an exciting career path for himself. So when i think when i was twenty two or twenty three i went to the. Us to end to my goal was to become a pilot. I came on little airfields in the middle of nowhere and on the left side there was a pilot school very well organized very

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