Weve got the MacBooks with Apples new custom M1 chip

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So before we get your verdict. Which maxed it send you. They send the mccullough. And how long have you been using them. you know. it's only been since late last week. Just just a handful of days. But i got all three of the new maximum. Have the chip in them. And that's the macbook air macbook pro and also. The mac mini that little desktop. That apple forgets about trip. You have been comes back to every once in a while all right so bottom line. Do they look to hype. I would say they live up. To some of the hype. The hype is a little bit preliminary because a lot of things that you may want to do with these max requires software does not optimize for them yet running emulated mode but the two big things i think consumers are taking away from this are number one. The mac book air has lost the fantasy fan list system which is nice and a lot of ways that is true and also in the preliminary testing. I did battery. Lights is fantastic. So that is that is true. Big thing so they think they have definitely lived. Up to the hype. Let's take the one time. We'll show the mac book air because that is far and away the most popular in the macbook lineup. How has been macbook air. Been for you and fan configuration. Is there a real difference in the experience. Gm run quieter. What exactly how exactly is it. Running this thing in the back. Bogere has always been one of my favorites. I used to call it the most universally useful laptop you can buy. It's just a great middle ground for a lot of people to we start from whether you're from serving what laptop to get usually. It's not that loud but sometimes it could give that fan kicks in and it's like a playstation for you just hear out of nowhere this big speak fan doors. You're like that happening my lap right now. That's that's crazy. Because he'll it's doing a lot. I get it even even the base Macbook air just ships with a you know intel core. I three or did until until recently. So i tested the early twenty twenty match booker. This thing was just refreshed back in like march with the new m one version on the outside. They look the same. They haven't changed the body if you're looking for great new developments like extra ports or touchscreen or hcf or anything like that. You're not getting any of that. It's all on the inside. The big changes are the they got rid of the fan replaced it basically with aluminum heat spreader which just as a big you know heat sink that dissipates heat and of course got that m one chip in it and at least in the testing i did. Obviously it's much quieter because there's no fan fan. I'm a fan of removing moving parts. That the tutor on the fan of not having a fan and removing moving parts wherever possible so anything fan spinning hard drives optical drives. That's the stuff that breaks down while the most frequently when we talk about the game consoles i think one of the big advantages of the older ones had spinning drives and spinning hard drives. And that's breakdown parts that boot so when you get rid of that stuff you actually have a more reliable product and when i ran a battery test on the air it ran for almost seventeen hours on my video streaming test which the little bit a little bit not much a little bit tougher. The test apple does and they said they got eighteen hours out of it and that is that's a big thing right though the big song point here is this thing because fewer moving parts runs off of his mobile processor to last a lot longer. You think hold up over time or is that this is a new mac book or new battery impression and it it aware down time for that that difference whereas down over time i think apple is going to send a strike team to your house now because you call the what bobo processor. And they're gonna to get a phone a phone and it's true in some of the early you know people accidentally uploaded benchmarks of preliminary units of these over the summer And they were listening to having the asx fifteen in the words or something similar basically a version of the ipad and iphone chips and apple has at least name this ship something different they call the m one which again does say mobile to make. But it's a computer version of it. with You know it's got it's got four high efficiency courts and four high-power cores though we can do both very strenuous stuff but also chill out on the high efficiency course and not use a lot of power. You know listen. Any rechargeable battery will lose steam over time. You know that. Said if you have a mac book from a couple years ago you've definitely noticed like it doesn't say charts as long as you shop sure that will be true year. But i'd rather start with seventeen hours and twelve.

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