Finding Your Free Heart

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Boy oh boy do. I have my work. Cut out for me today. free heart. How can we possibly conquer and talk about freeing our emotional burdens in six minutes or less. It's not possible. But what i want to do for you today. In any way that i can the any way possible is to offer you my own experience and that is nobody can do this work for you my friend. No one can unburden your heart. You must go in on your own. Investigate check it all out become familiar with the blocks. The obstacles the baggage that you're holding onto and to unburden yourself. So this week is freedom week. We are talking about free. Mind free body so often a the root of our disturbances as we're learning from new science is deep deep deeply seated in our microbial in the microbe by oda in the balance of bacteria in our body. This is phenomenal. Phenomenal new science coming out. Make sure you grab my mental fitness protocol. To at least get you started on understanding this all but when it comes to the level of the heart we must approach it approach our heart and the the armor around our heart from different angles and very very tenderly so we can approach it from the gut brain access absolutely and we must and we can approach it from our mind and the patterns of our mind and we can open also approach it directly by just asking asking ourselves questions all day long. What what's gripping my heart today. What is gripping me. What is holding me down. What is disconnecting me from being fully available to others in my life the first step is just naming it naming your burdens writing down. If you're a writer naming it out loud if that helps what what am i birdied with. Is it resentment of something in the from. The past is it. Judgment of others is a comparison. Oh gosh that's been tough point for me. Is it worry. Constant worry about others kids parents money yourself. Your health just naming your burdens will start to help you crack open name. It become familiar with it. It's that rumi quote about the guest house. Invite them all in for tea here. we are. Okay let's have a discussion so firstly. It's it's it's becoming aware aware of the burdens. The bondage that is keeping you in suffering that hold you back from feeling that free heart that open heart and then two is. That is blanketing yourself with self love with kindness and compassion. They're they're sweetheart. Go back find those episodes. They're they're sweetheart. The loving kindness. May i be free. May i have joy. May i have kindness in my heart. May i feel safe. Those practices do it every single day over and over again and it starts to melt away the armor heart. It happened for me years ago. It wasn't easy and it hurt but it is so worth it. Because i'll tell you what on the other side opening your heart you become available to life you become available to others in an intimate way you become available to love life love others give freely feel more generous in your spirit in your heart so to be free in. Your heart is to melt the armor and in pem show dron one of my absolutely favorite teachers of all time out there talks about about putting down the the steel armor around your heart and soft opening your heart so that your heart becomes more porous. I'm a crier cry. Probably every day. There's something that touches me pokes me so deeply that it that it makes me cry and the cry is can be from the beauty around me the tenderness of another human being exposing him or herself. I cry because of grief you know those moments of grief on goodness it. It's bubbling up right now. In the crying. I enjoy it honestly because it. It's a reminder that that my heart is opening my heart is i'm exposing myself to the to the wonder of life to the to humanity but it takes constant work so to free. Our heart to really meet ourselves at that level is to admit where you're burdened to offer yourself self love compassion and then to open heart into be available to life to be available to being touched in many ways so there it is my friend. We start at the body. We touched the brain. We go to the heart. And and we circle ourselves with this deep deep Wish for wellbeing.

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