Dallas Fuel in Buying Spree


Fearless has joined. The dallas fuel from shanghai has joined the dallas fuel from paris repel has joined the dells fuel from free agency. Dallas fuel of seinfield. From harris. And jack say has joined the dallas fuel from houston okay. I'm not gonna do whatever he thinks. I'm going to do and flip out man. But what i am going to do is laugh at astro here. Okay they're obviously building a phenomenal team. Right like this is a great roster you should already be thinking about. Are they favorites to win this thing next year the talent is certainly there so i'm super excited to watch and blow it up to watch him joking and threw it up because that's tip that's more often than not what happens with super teams right and we're iraqi territory and a super team that is specifically playing under the dallas fuel. Banner which we've seen happen right. And i do also want to continue to to make fun of hasro for this because it's hysterical to me him tweeting about how much effort he's putting into build this roster for twenty twenty one aired. He now that it's done and they put out a tweet saying they're done so that that should be the end of the. You didn't build anything you try. He's got his out. You think you're sitting fearless downside trial you think. You're buying a half of the parents to turtle the good half of the turtle and trying them out. stop it. this is the lazy. I don't know what i'm doing. So i'm throwing money at solution and you're like you just ran three marathons back to back in. You need to sleep for two weeks. It's hysterical get over. It manley utah. You're you committed in a different way. Okay yeah fans don't care. I'm gonna continue to throw stones at you because you're my rival and you went the yankees route right like. Oh there's no salary cap so we don't have to be opposite. We need money we opposite. It's just stop pretending like you you you were in the salt mine slaving away for fourteen hours a day over the over the course of this offseason far you bought it. You're trying to buy a championship mad about it. But i don't respect either right like i'd rather know unless if it's eight listen if you wanted to do it. I'm not gonna sit there and complain going to be like oh look at. The amazing is yes. Enter general manager is a genius because like take a step back calmed re. Don't don't try to pull the wool over people's eyes right. You're committed to winning your committee. Your fan base. That's enough for your fans. So that's that's the end of it. You have to try to sell me. That you're you're doing some herculean task or haley effort. Like get like let it go. You need to stop that angle. 'cause i swear just looks like a complete fool to me when he tweets like that. Yeah this and this is i. Don't know what a general manager does. Maybe he really did have to go to go to battle in a different way right like me. Did after like contract negotiations outs in like it could have. Maybe it was. Yeah but like. When you're taking that route it looks lazy so like don't try to fight the optics of it. Just ignore the optics of it. I don't know it's gonna bad look for has show or whatever because he cares what i think but i know i'm not the only one that kinda felt this way a bright And yeah it's just funny me. Congratulations on attempting to just purchase and overwatch league championship. Right stop patting yourself on the back

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