Houston Texans face undefeated Tennessee Titans in NFL Week 6


Look to make it two wins in a row under interim head coach Romeo Crennel. Today as they face the division rushes Romeo through. Oh, I said, Romeo did not throw you. It's okay. I'm sorry because I was giggling again when you said they were going to win again. I like Romeo, though, does not have a really sophisticated, sound very, very international. And you know it is and twine. That's an inside joke. And and Kuykendall. Here you go anyway. So whoever the interim head coach is Romeo Romeo, Wherefore art thou? They're going to face the rival Tennessee Titans on the road to Shawn Watson, Wary of Titans defender former tech singed Evian clowning taking definitely just from the game. I've seen my allies for two years. Senior Washington in college andan Watch someone approach. So there is a problem for sure. So we gotta make sure that we don't know where he is That Times. Yeah, Moms to get Withrow male kickoff coming up at noon.

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