Peppermint discuss performing virtually in quarantine


Everyone I m peppermint and I am. A. Citizen of the, world. You know what? We haven't had that intrigue yet. That's the of those intros. How how is your energy rejoining us after having already been at another? Some sort of virtual event today. Yeah. How is your work going right now? Are you finding that you're able to work in these times? I'm doing a lot of work, but it's not necessarily. I found I found myself in in in the wake of. Summer Twenty Twenty doing a lot of the the work that Folks like US often do I'm to enlightened people or at least an. Open, the door on our experiences to help bridge a lot of those gaps and so there's a lot of conversations taking place this summer in light of everything that's been going on, I would be a lamb with protests translates matter. with with pride you know you know over the summer taking on it obviously and much needed different kind of feeling than it had and so. I was I was I've been engaged in a lot of those conversations and I have been able to. Have a couple of. Moments here, and there I did a a drag show or to myself I have an album that I produced and I'm going to be releasing next month and so there's little things like that. I would be I would totally be lined. I said Oh this is just Like, last year and it's totally a great substitute. Yeah I mean first of all congresswoman album and second of all the candor I think that that's that makes a lot of sense to me I guess. have been seeing a lot of drag performers transition to like a more virtual space but mine used to I mean I've I've done stand up in a virtual space as well it is. It's doable but it is totally bonkers also you know like it's not it's Doable. On doing drag. Virtual. How does that? It's it's literally I. Don't know. I mean obviously there's some some a little bit of an essence of stand up comedy for other lives like drag performance Look. It's like you can. It's it's just ego blasting because. Five drag show at a concert or at a venue where it sold out, you're in it for the minute you hit the stage like this going to i. mean you know everybody has bombs every once in a while but for the most part, if you know your stick and you know your routine and you know yourself, it's GonNa go great. They'RE GONNA love. It can be very happy. They came for a drag show that's what they're getting. In you know there's so many things that can bust up the energy and be like you know total buzz kills in the in the era of zoom drag shows you know like the Internet going round wrong. People are like what's the link? I can't get in you know all that's up and then you're doing the show and you're like doing lip synching that like you know Madonna are Donna Summer Song and you realize when your neighbors are banging on the floor which is. Sealing your floor. The Hell Up, and then all of a sudden you're just as somebody in your living room dancing around. You know and you're like Oh. Gosh. What am I doing? There's one. I got to stop

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