See Chadwick Boseman's final performance in the just-released 'Ma Rainey's Black Bottom' trailer


This is the final Chadwick Boseman trailer isn't it turned out? It turns out that Ma Rainey's black bottom Will be the last. A full completed film from Chadwick Boseman, who last August passed away after a very long private battle with colon cancer that took his young life on Lee at 43 years old. The Black Panther star was working on this film with Oscar winner Violet Davis. It's the film adaptation of the August Wilson play that's been at the Goodman Theater and other theaters but probably the biggest and most ambitious. Production in Chicago was the one that was at the Goodman and I was going to play some of it for you hear on the radio, but it's extremely visual and a lot of it would be lost, but it's fantastic. It's got Oscar. Winds all over it from violent Davis to Chadwick. To the choreography, the music. This just looks like it's going to be an amazing film. When it comes out on Netflix in December, 1 week for Christmas, that's going to be coming out on Netflix. Marini's black bottom. If you go to YouTube or the Netflix pages, you could take a look at the trailer. You will not be disappointed in this. I have to check that out now onto somebody feed

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