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Of the weird hassles with the the Pixel five was that it was announced. months ago because Google when they announced the Pixel for a like. Oh and by the way we're going to have some phones later and they're going to be fine I don't know David What did you think of that moment there were they're like, Hey, also there's more phones coming. We're just tell you a little bit about them. Later I mean there were there were so many ways they could've taken. The way they really decided to do the announcement. It's hard to hold it against them. Knowing that the supply chain challenges they've been experiencing our they're they're they're bad I mean there's no other way to put it but I think that the way they ended up doing it I I was definitely in the candidates said just now all three of them at the same time pushed out the foray A. Little longer, but I think the way they did it is they were there under so much pressure to get the foray out at that point and you know and they've already established his track record of being willing to want something has been leaked endlessly, which has is with any Google product is going to be the case You know willing to be going on the record and say, yes, it exists Is. A good thing to do I generally for that? It kind of eases the tension. and. It doesn't stop the rumor mill a little bit, which is, which is obviously their goal I do think that there was they released the bare minimum amount of information to tantalize everybody. You could tell that there were two phones. We knew the names of the other than that. It was all still based on on the leaks that were pretty heavy during those you. Know late summer months, and until the the actual event and I just think that you know Google has this group of team Pixel people who are always on the lookout for for new information right? That's that's their bread and butter getting those pixel people excited about the new phones and this one in particular was hard because there just wasn't that much interesting about these phones. and. They needed to really grasp onto anything and I think that photo one that showed the little bit of metallic texture to the Pixel five kept people talking about it far more than they would have if it had been announced and then October came and it just got released. Yeah. No for sure. I completely agree to me the the pre announcement was also the when the Pixel for a came out. The context was everybody has to have five year carriers won't care about you at all and so I think that they may also had their hand forced by the industry where they had to be like, yeah, this phone exists, but we're not dummies we know five G. matters and we're going to have to make a five G. phone because otherwise you know carries won't give us the time of day. So they're. Coming to don't freak out I don't know whoever might freak out about Google hardware. So the the point you made about being not that interesting of phone that's like the central thing about the pixel five to me it's a lot of the reviews I've seen both yours mine. It's like this thing is pretty good, but it's boring and I it it's fine but it's not like amazing but I kinda like. It. Anyway is like kind of the zone and like you either like tilt that zone to this this is pretty good and I'm like relatively having with it or this isn't quite good enough. I'm not super happy with it, but it's like it's right in that mid range we did podcasts with Marquez Brownlee last week, we were trying to call the name for this new mid range of android phones premium nice. We're landing, which is terrible. What do you guys think about the fact that like the most? Interesting phones or at least the the phones that are hardest to decide which one to buy are in this I don't know six to eight hundred dollar range whereas you know the top of the line stuff. You just you just by the best one and you're done I. Mean I think that what we're seeing is you know the commoditisation of the higher end phones to play out now and I think that's was inevitable. You know we saw it with laptops over the years to, and now the the markets mature manufacturers are starting to figure out which corners to. Cut and I feel like that's what we're seeing. The Galaxy s twenty Efi what we're seeing at the one eight t you know with some of the stuff motos had come out recently to funds like the algae velvet and think that there's going to be some back and forth is they figure out what consumers are willing to give up and what they've actually really want and you know I obviously came down on the side of I think Google cut too hard cut too deep with the Pixel five and you know with phones like the Galaxy, twentieth? IC- a more compelling argument in this price range where you're giving up less granted, you know Samsung phones, their own various faults and foibles, but Hugo I understand the I understand the kind of thesis they're working with here they want to build you know it's this glass and metal slab and it does the same things. Every other awesome metal slab does right and they want to give you the things that make that glass and metal slab nice and. Convenient to own and rather than focusing on pushing big marketing bullet points like you know it has six cameras and you know like a support for you know this crazy fast charging that nobody actually really needs. But on the other hand I think in the US in particular, their price point was just very ill advised I think that they're going to have to walk it back and I think there's GonNa be a sale next month on. Black Friday. I would I will not be surprised see the because it happens every year but this year in particular feel like they have, they're going the other thing going that's in the US is aggressive carrier promotions right now for funds that are frankly better, and that's that's a real problem. I think they're going to encounter because I don't think Google has the volume and the scale to basically give phones away the way A. Samsung or an apple

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