Morales aide claims victory in Bolivia's election redo

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Bolivians took to the polls yesterday to vote for their next president. The election which was delayed twice due to the pandemic comes after last year's contested election that led former President Morales to resign and flee the country amid mass protests and allegations of a coup voters are largely choosing between two candidates. Luiz Arce is Morales's former economics minister, and Carlos Mesa a centrist former president even though morales is not running, the election is seen as a referendum on him and his leftist. and. Could Signal the future of socialism in Bolivia and around the region Morales was the country's first indigenous president and during his time in office Bolivia's poverty rate fell from sixty percent to thirty five percent yet in recent years, many of his supporters began to abandon him amid allegations of corruption and misuse of power including his decision to run for a fourth term. Last year results of Sunday's election could take days to come in and observers say that no matter the result large swath of the country are expected to be angry with the potential for violence.

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