Time For A Big Wake Up

On The Verge


Okay. All right. I think this is my third attempt for this morning message. I have no idea. What's happening. Well, I dunno what's happening is happening is that I am an hour out of a colonoscopy where I was under general anesthesia, and I'm just home and instead of writing in my journal. I thought let me press record and share the the intensity of what I'm feeling right now. If you've ever had a colonoscopy, you know, it is not pretty dead the whole twenty-four hours before of prepping and fasting and staying up late and all that then being under general anesthesia. And so I woke up just about an hour ago in this bright room fluorescent lights and cold. It was so cold with a stupid robe on. And I once I got myself oriented as to where I was this massive massive inside came through me. Take care of yourself Cara. Take care of yourself and be so healthy that you avoid at all costs being in this Hospital environment. Wow, it was a download that ran through my veins. And I want to share this with you because like I said, I'm still shaky right now, which is why maybe it took me three times to actually find the record button. I'm a little shaky but there's a there's a conviction inside of me that that I hope that you here for you. We get thirty thousand days on average in our lives eighty-two years. 556 you know, I'm 2/3. I'm 2/3 through. Hey, I'd love to live long long healthy vibrant. Collaborative creative life but it's not going to happen unless I take Supreme care of myself Supreme not just a little bit cuz a little bit you know what Lance you in in the hospital at lands you in doctor's appointments and needles and medicine and all that stuff as you get older. Supremely healthy supremely healthy so that you are a force of nature that you live a happy vibrant creative life. So for my in my life, the last couple of years has been a struggle health-wise now, it hasn't been major and I'm so grateful. But it's been minor and chronic which in some ways is just as lethal. Minor and chronic chronic fatigue chronic chronic stress chronic sleep disorder chronic pain chronic irritability chronic brain fog and the past year or so. I've gotten really really good hold on this and have made great improvements since really focusing on my microbiome and my gut health and it's so important my friend so reach out to me if you want to hear what I'm doing. But I want to share this with you this morning because you are worth every second of your full presence and caring towards yourself. Make today your day one. of taking Supreme care and this has nothing to do with anyone else. What you put in your body what you ingest what you allow into your mind how you take on other people's shit. Right how you allow other people's opinions to affect yours. It all matters it all accumulates. So here I am. This is what I would have written in my journal committed to Vitality committed to vigor. I'm committed to Awakening waking up from the patterns of my mind the unhelpful crap that I've carried along for all these years. I'm committed to to offering my best self out into the world. And what how it lands for others, I don't care. If I know if it's coming through me authentically and it's going to be generous and genuine and in some way it's going to help others

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