A Conversation With Brenda Nguyen


This is Brenda win. She works in pharmaceuticals and writes a food blog wandering Boston eater I born and raised in Boston. It was where I went to school was where even when I was in college I commuted from my parents house too. So I've known since living in Boston you know all throughout college that I'd eventually want to explore somewhere else. That's always been a goal of mine for almost last decade and then my sister got married she had a very intimate wedding in Florence. Italy. I had always dreamed of studying abroad in Paris. So for me to have the opportunities now go to Europe I even though I was in Florence Italy I told myself I'm going to make my way to Paris. That whole trip was so exhilarating because I was able to have the opportunity to connect with myself in a way that I never had a chance to connect with and Boston because. By myself. For Brenda that trip was a game changer I tend to be very serious planner where I used to plan much like to the minute, and this was something that I learned I needed to not do and learn to be more flexible with others and learn to be flexible with myself. So in parallel from Twain Sixteen, I was start looking for cheap flights whenever I could. So, coming from parents who are immigrants from Vietnam, I'm first generation American I had never visited Southeast Asia or Vietnam and I think that as I am. Getting older, it was really important for me to make my way to Vietnam at some point. And in late twenty, nineteen when a friend got married in Malaysia Brenda took advantage of a chance to visit the place her family came from. It was something that. was truly an emotional experience for me. So when I came back, it was the first week of December and this is when I. Started thinking about this lot more where I told myself I'm ready to leave and the idea. Honestly live rent free in my head for the entire month of December and it was. It was an echoing voice in my head saying you need to leave you need to leave. So she sent her resume to some company is based in San, Francisco? So my interviews actually all aligned with the week that everything shut down for Cova head. And that was a very. Very. Crazy reality because now I was. Torn between. Do I. Continue to pursue these. Jobs to move out of Boston when we don't know what that means right now Brenda and getting that job, and after a few months of working remotely, she just decided I might as well pack up and move. I had always planned on taking a road trip cross country fi during pandemic. That means that there's way too many stop points. Way Too many opportunities to interact with people. The other option would be taking a plane and I'm watching these videos on social media people on their planes and it really didn't seem like planes consistently distancing. And One of my friends said, well, have you considered taking a train And this is when I started seeing. The. Trains have private bedrooms and private showers and the bedrooms two so. Knowing that I was I, saw that. This this is probably the best opportunity because I would be in. You know limiting my exposure points getting to my destination and also seeing the views that I wanted to see along the way. So it seemed like a win win all around. Once, she arrived Brenda had to settle into a new home town at a time when none of us are supposed to go out and meet New People I think that from traveling solo, it really helped me identify that I can do things alone without feeling lonely. It's like we got journal wash face may coffee, and at night that I'm also washing my face early to and those are two things that I make sure that I do you know and It's really important because it's adding a new sense of normalcy back in our days. What I've been noticing is that I am experience just a lot more. I think between the shifts and transitions just a lot of stress is ironic. It's likely that any blemishes that are occurring is from stress some feeling and it just happens to be about the blemishes and just only add on more stress to quite honestly I'm still exploring my skin care routine and I am hoping that I can find what works for me based on what I've been researching. You know just happy happy

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