World Series 2020: Los Angeles Dodgers & Tampa Bay Rays set for Fall Classic


Is just simply one of the best baseball writers in the world, and it's a pleasure to have him. Also, Of course, we watch him on TV all the time. And it's just a pleasure to have Tim on to talk baseball, especially when it's the World Series in this crazy year that Covert 19 shutdown spring training labor unrest through the whole thing in doubt in the summer, and then we played 60 games with seven innings and runners on second, and it all winds up in Arlington, Texas, with the Tampa Bay Rays and the Dodgers. So, Tim out of all that weirdness. We have a pretty darn good matchup. Good morning. Welcome back to the morphine, Max. How you doing, Tim? I'm well, fellas. And yes, we have a great match up. We have the two best teams going up against each other, which is how it's supposed to be. And the games have been awfully good so far to Elsie Esses or really good and I have no reason to think the world. Siri's won't be great because it will And just kind of top quick one. There will be fans at this right. Yeah, but yes, And it's going to be similar to the last time. There's not going to be 50,000 people in there. But yes, span will be in there, so we'll give some semblance of a crowd. Which is good, but I think we've all kind of gotten used to, even though it's not a good thing to get used to not having fans in the stands, but Having anyone there is better than having no one there. Yeah, And obviously there were a lot of Dodger fans in Texas during the NLCS, which, as Giants flagship disturbed us a little bit, but Tim a little bit on the ballpark before we get into the match up here. You know, the word was that that place in this rare in this home run era and quote unquote juiced balls if you believe it or not launch angle and swing for the fences. That Globe life Park. The Rangers home part was not a bandbox. And does that play a role at all in this? I mean, the Dodgers did scrape the Siri's out in seven, but they weren't really able to homer their way around. Kind of like the Eights and the Astro state. A Dodger Stadium is that is that a factor at all? I think it is. I think we expected more home runs, but we got plenty. Even the Dodgers hit 16 in that series. No one's ever hit more home runs in any single postseason series. And the Dodgers just did they tied a record and their power is ridiculous. I mean, they had 118 homers in 60 game. The one other team has ever done that through the 1st 60 games and keep in mind. The 88 Dodgers won the World Series. They had 99 homers the hole here. And this team had 118 in 60 games, so I think the ball will jump pretty pretty well, but not not great, and it should be fun to watch. It's just odd, though, that you know, the Rays have never played a game in that ballpark. And they've only been 30 Major League games played in that ballpark, and now it's hosting the world serious, so there are a lot of things element in play here, and I would be uncomfortable if I were a member of the Rays, and I never played a game in a ballpark. You know exactly what the angles they're going to be like what the lighting is going to be like, And that's why they're there yesterday, trying to figure all this out, but it's a tricky proposition. When you never played in a certain ballpark, you were talking

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