Refused to engage. So I guess my point is Kim Kardashian


Interaction that she's a diplomat. She's willing to work with people to get things done. Good things. I mean, this is very valuable to have someone with her level of fame, working for prison reform and working to get people out of prison. That shouldn't be there. We talked last week about how she went to the Oval Office again and they showed President Trump on the Kardashians. She's a woman who could just easily sit back and sell her shapewear post instagram selfies. But instead she's deciding to study to be a lawyer and doing all this work and putting her because you know how people are with celebrities, and they're affiliated with Republicans or trump in any way they can face tremendous consequences for it. She has decided not to care and to move forward and it's not affecting her because she's doing the right thing. And she's also someone who this past summer when her husband, Kanye West was going a little nuts and saying horrible things and lashing out she had every right in the world, and I think every single person would have supported her if she would want to distance herself or leave him and she stood by him. And had this amazingly classy, perfect response and has supported his recovery since then. So this is people may hate Kim K. They probably have an idea of her in their heads. She's a lot smarter than you think. You know, there's a lot more to her than you think. I was really impressed

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