#475 - Claimer to Gamer

In The Gate


Okay. Thanks a lot. Appreciate it. Our thanks once again to Brian and Tom Koch all and David Cohen. There's one patient. The covid nineteen virus did not claim although it looked to be on life support that would be live racing at turf. Paradise. Race track where it seemed horsemen had used their last resort when the shutdown struck in. March. Horsemen were told to take their gear and ominous sign. The Gates would forever close in August it was reported there would be no meat next year and It looked like turf paradise would be one of those whose doors would close forever joining other recent tracks like Hazel, Rockingham and Hollywood. But reportedly, the Director of Arizona's division of racing was able to unite for their collective good the owner of Turf, Paradise Jerry Sims and the horsemen for a meet that will take place after new years. No spectators for now but horsemen will be able to make a living and for that all parties deserve to hear some. Cheers. You can get us on our youtube channel by searching in the gate podcast you can get us on soundcloud stitcher spotify tune in the pink apple podcasts, your APP, and of course, in the listen tab of the ESPN, APP for the full in the gate experience subscribe. Now in the listen tab of the ESPN APP and please take a minute to rate and review the show those reviews really help others find us maybe even the MENSA. Members at America's best racing, go to Ab our live their twitter handle with the America's best racing facebook page and tell them that in the gate belongs in the finalist for best podcast. In the fan choice awards, you can follow me on twitter at Abrahams both or on facebook at Barry Abrams voice that's in the gate for this week I'm Barry Abrams. We hope you're safe and healthy as you listen to this, we'll see you next time.

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