Change, Loss and Timeless Love

Tara Brach


Nama stay and welcomed my friends. Really glad to have you with us. I was recently perusing two different articles. The first title was aging the secret to happiness and the second was WANNA be happier. All you have to do is get older. So same theme and they both draw on research that teams to confirm this correlation that the older we get the happier we are. Now I know that seems counter intuitive given the challenges we face that we. Lose, people we love and we lose our youth and our health and our memory. I saw cartoon this very old couple and they were both on rockers on the porch and he's responding to her. He says, now you want an open relationship. Of Billy Crystal, but it this way he said by the time, a man is a wise enough to watch his step. He's too old to go anywhere. Okay so there's this evidence that Carlos aging with happiness and the understanding that resonates for me is that through our our lifetime, we have the capacity to learn and adapt and spiritually evolve and. With the passing of time. There can be a growing acceptance of the inevitability. Of Change and loss. A growing acceptance. Of Change and loss. and. Walk. Clearly, this doesn't happen to everyone for those that do deepen in that acceptance. Nabil's living and appreciating the moments. And loving were fully. So the title of this talk, and the one that follows is change loss and timeless. Love. And the theme arises from a central teaching on the spiritual path and. That is that our capacity to live and love fully is totally intertwined with how we relate to change and loss. So. This'll be AH invitation for you to look in your own life at how you're relating to change and loss. It feels really relevant right now to explore this given, how many people around the globe are experiencing such rapid change and real loss due to global pandemic and Deepening social divides and climate change the devastation to this earth. And while it may feel like change a speeding up. impermanent. So what really makes us clutch? Is really the nature of all takes form. And we know it on the on the largest sweeps. If you think of the history of the Universe Big Bang and stardust forming and planet earth elements combining to create this amazing variety of life forms and then Homo sapiens evolving tools and art and science and war and slavery in plagues and collaboration innovation. The whole thing you know empires coming and going Greeks the Romans, the Ottoman. Empire Portuguese the British the American. You know rising to dominance and then passing we always think things are for good but it all passes and here we are. On the brink of destroying. Earth our home. Seeing species common species become extinct. galaxies. Of Stars collapsing into black holes, it's all in permanent. And then. We can sense it on the most minute level you know if right this moment. You take the time to perhaps closure is and bring your attention inward and hold still really still. You can sense that. The body everything inside a moving if you feel your hands is anything holding stelle. It might seem that way if you're very very tense but if you even begin to relax a little, you can sense the hands feet. In the face. The Heart Everything's moving. Nothing hold still there's this. Ever changing flow of sensations feelings. Sounds come and go. Your body's replacing sells millions per second. Within those cells nonstop motion.

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