PlayStation 5 UI revealed: “Activity” shortcuts, picture-in-picture



Christian. Spicer what is your story of the week? My story of the week is I wanNA, take a mental picture of right now where we are and I want to compare it to the end of this generation's life cycle because that is why I love you I the playstation five revealed issue I. Finally, thank you. We've seen a lot of the xboxes in the PS five has revealed. It's and the simplified kind of cleaner approach and showed off what can happen by pushing the PS bind on the controller and all the shortcuts, and so you don't need to go into the full home menu kind of get everything you need and. I think it's really slick looking for what I've seen I think it's you know until I go hand on with it I don't know how intuitive it is because there's always that line of like ad in featured and is the thing I want where I want it to be or not But what I'm super curious about is if or when it changes because that is one area where I feel like Microsoft has been very flexible over the years with the xbox one line of consoles and how much of that you I changed and as far as I can remember that ps four Cross media bar has kind of been what it is and I think they're not. Stars, I'm concerned. It's like it is because it it just is what it is. It's like this is my eighty. Corolla. It's great but the STO works. But it is. Yeah a little cumbersome in this I feel like the new one. I like what they're trying to do with it I think but Mario and Jeff I'm curious what your thoughts are on it from a user perspective. We'll let's just before we get into what we think about it. Let's just kind of. Summarize the. which is it's it's much more visual. Right? I mean the cross media bar has been text that comes up at the bottom of the screen and you move across it and pull things up and yeah there's a few images of games here or there but mostly it's it's a menu, right? It's a big long menu It's it looks to be the case that this new playstation five Ui. Is kind of using a card system that highlights what calling game play opportunities. It says, basically, this shows you can go back to things you missed, and so on it also shows that you can jump directly into levels or challenges that you WanNa plan certain games, and there's a new picture in picture feature that lets you view other parts of the game without leaving the screen or area you're currently in so Mario. Christians. Question is a good one. What do you make of it? What do you think is the more visual thing better or is it just more for the sake of more? It's funny because this whole week I have nothing but wanting to see what this you I was, and then of course, in one random day, it just dropped and then we got the state of play for it. So I'm so excited to actually to actually see, and then what I saw was a card game. Much and you know what? I love me some Card Games, the Simpsons Card Games still on my favorite games, I've ever played my life by all about card games. Exactly. But when it came to what I saw. At first I was like, yeah, I'm excited for new stuff but ultimately when it came to cards. My feeling was I just even though they're trying to look try to clean up some stuff with the lower bar with the audio function. Oda Audio functions. But when he got to the cards, things it just to me just look like more of a cluttered mess and I was terrified by it. Now granted majority of those were like it looked like for trophies in terms of percentages and stuff like that, which could lead into more information pilot complete those things that's all well and good. But then there's obviously the developer. Notes on the left where I I mean. I'll be honest I don't read any of those messages that come up when I look at my ps four and so for it to be there, I'm just hoping that there is going to be more customisation terms of how I want it to be in terms of removing certain things and just focusing on certain areas. That's just my. Take of it because every year I felt like my love for the PS four Ui had waned especially up to now where I feel like it is a drag in order to go from one place to the other. Obviously the the biggest thing for this generation is definitely be speed and I really hope that's all speeded up I do like the fact that there's games in media there look like they're separated now in terms of different areas. So if I, really WANNA focus on all my media stuff it'll be in one specific place it is. Now it's not good I hope. It's better. But when it comes to games, I'm also happy to the fact that it looks like everything's optimized for the game that you're playing and overlays on top of that for the most part. That's the big key thing I think is really nice about this. You I. Yeah you're right I. Didn't mention that and that is a big part of it is that all of this overlays on top of the game, you never actually leave the game you're playing or at least you don't have to leave the game you're playing in order to access all those features whereas push. PS Button on your your controller now it takes you out of the game put you on that blue screen and you're you know you're completely in a different

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