Dutch Masters


Instead of being paid to glorify the church and nobility like so much of Europe, the art in the low countries was paid for by the wealth of the Protestant merchant class are guides are Nico Febrile who lives near Bruges in West Flanders and Jodi angles door than she lives in Harlem North Holland? Nicole Yoda. Thanks for being here. Thank you. Thank you for having us. So from your perspective as a guide in the Netherlands ca you see that divide in the art world? Well, of course, it's a lot about the culture of country and like you said, our culture is all about brought stations and we had thorough formation and that are really created a big difference between some art in other countries in us. So we have very basic churches. They're all stripped down from older statues but also are monster pieces re rarely. See. Any Christian. Seems but we always have the Merchan's and because we had a Dutch republic very soon after. Yeah. So that is of you. If you see a bread of his biblical theme, it'll be from the Bible but it won't be from some Pope or something like that. Yes. If you think about you, you mentioned the reformation you have a huge church on the main square in Harlem that was a Catholic Church and it was completely painted all the pillars were painted and everything now when you go in yeah. Washed away whitewashed. Yes. Whitewashed. Yeah So a reformation came we had iconoclast where all the distance took it down and the art was little gone, and how do you recognize what the Protestants really brought into the churches was music and that is how they really lived up churches. So in Harlem, you have this giant organ. which more than five thousand pipes you can still go in and listen to it every Thursday In the summer periods. Then you have a concert for free you can visit and you can hear his Oregon play you can just. How old's organised, we've come so a ten year old Mozart played in this. So it's a it's a very different experience and it's very beautiful. So maybe four or five hundred years ago it was Catholic and then you have the reformation it becomes Protestant partisans come in there and they were kind of sort of kind of mean her. Very extreme. Throughout. All the statues they busted lot of the windows they painted everything white and they put up this amazing organ that goes it's his tallest building. It goes way to the top of those arches. Wild, it is wild and that's something that when you know the story behind, it makes a little more sense when you have a good information, know every Thursday there's a free concert Nico when you think about the Great Dutch painters who comes to mind. Of course, he think about people like don't finance house to meet. My personal is Yon Stein. Johnston because he has these scenes of just people having fun at home and it's sometimes a bit double if what he wants to say with paintings. inning. Is it the warning that you shouldn't be so? Joyful maybe in life. Or they're just fun to watch because there is there's a lot of folk way stem. Yeah. It's like I'm like don't be wasteful or if you gossip things bad things will happen or there's all these little little lessons about life but not really preaching from the Church nobody you could interpret it that way and people could hang it in their houses and say, this is what we shouldn't be doing. Right but I look at them as okay. They're having fun to me. It's a little intimate look at life for hundred years ago or whenever he owns Dean was painting, but that's a good name to. Note Yawn Seen S. T. E. N. S. these when I go to a gallery in the Netherlands I, see a lot of small paintings by a lot of people whose names I don't know rather than a few big paintings by people who are superstars and highly paid, and you got to think it's a different sort of clientele. If you're painting a King or some bishop, you can paint something big and really expensive. But in the Netherlands when they got rid of the king and they got rid of the pope, they got to have the open market business people for their clientele and it needs to be affordable. So you have small appreciate art. Or. Not Actually N- definitely. But like you said it would be anonymous or from the same workshop or around that's what you would read. You see the values of the day there I, mean, above the dining room table, you might have a still life. Yes. Still lifes is not a personal favourite, but that's something that you will find a lot. Would you see in still life because of fruits, baskets, fish 'cause it's the Netherlands. So they would have a love of fish in there as well. Easy to catch

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