OWL's Roster Dumping


Having. I don't know if you. WanNa. Call it a a reckoning. Was the that's that's what the Bible is right? Yeah. The. Exodus to a certain extent for a lot of these teams calling it a a roster dump is what I'm going to call it because we are seeing. I, don't think I've ever seen look you on a they're giving call of duty off a run for its money when it comes to dumping players and dumping rosters and hitting the restart button and so I wanted him all right like big difference in the sense of with call of duty. You have a shuffle. It's not like twenty five players retiring at the same time we're losing their job, right? Like they're reshuffling because, hey, new games coming out can play a little different plays more like black ops. So let me play with these guys like this feels the but it's very different. Yeah, and there's also more of like a dark cloud over it. Right? Where everyone else like for call of duty you're so excited for the. It's almost like Ooh the season's done. Let's get ready for this roster shuffle, right like you get excited for it here. Everyone's like, whoa where like let's pump the breaks here overwatch like they're still going to be a season for like let's call now now. So let I want to discuss this a little bit because there is some like I say ominous dark theories floating around. So first off though you having teams. Clean House. Dallas fuel has dropped everyone but one player. Houston outlaws have dumped You know I don't think their entire roster but a good amount veterans of the of the Roster Link Cer- as we've known, they've also had some players leave during the season Ellie gladiators I think have dropped like four or five guys including again big goose fan favourite and everyone there mccreavy who. Just moved up like wait this past year. Well Yeah. It's like he was on contenders league for envy. And then he might have. Touched the fuel roster maybe for half a second and then went to La to play on the Overwatch League side of things dropped O. G. E.. So you're seeing these teams drop what you consider the best in the league. Now, I will say this overwatch. I think more than any sport. And maybe you agree maybe you don't the fans get caught up with fan favorites and it Kinda clouds, their judgment on who's a good player and who do you just like more like we're counterstrike and other games I feel like you have fan favorites but people will also realistically admit like, Yeah this guy's not the greatest alive right either washed up pro at this point or something you know. Win Time is running out a little bit more. So in a game, like CBS's seem the skills diminishing like og is the perfect example of this, right? Oh Jeez. been a longtime fan favorite really hasn't performed at like. The highest level over the past two seasons, you know you've kind of seen on his play decline. So as great of a person as he is as much as he's loved by teems has been on including NBN his most recent team. You know it kind of makes sense to that they'll be looking to make a change because it really hasn't worked out for them. Yeah and you're absolutely right and that's like with Dallas right I know as far as living in Dallas right? The fuel and their fans love like they love a Cam, they love trill he played with their farm system and moved up right Nonni his or. Only God has been here. Note he was a fan favourite a huge diva player when he moved over from Boston, like they have all these guys that they're loving and they're like, wow, how could this happen? It's like. Again. This is a business and results talk. A lot of these teams have expectations of at least being in contention for the championship. The fuel have been des- at least disgust since day one of the Overwatch League that they should have always been like a top team given their their resume and never lived up to it. So sometimes, you just have to hit that reset button and start fresh I. Am a little curious like unlike other east eastwards farm systems are generally. They're in place to move upright whether that's counterstrike although we've seen it like fall off on the side right. But that that's kind of always been key staple for counterstrike whether you're going into the ESPN or f pl ranked kind of find the young talent that that shows up on call of duty you through the amateur scene you see MVP's come out of it like Sim shots he wasn't playing amateurs, but still a new player kind of coming in and taking the League by storm on Voi-, another example of a young up and comer. With over watch a little curious to what this shuffle does. Right in that retrospect because is this is going to be taking these players recycling. I'm figuring out maybe this is a better pairing. So now we'll take you know this guy s team this guy from this team in kind, of Mesh, together just see what works with the same faces or is there a young farm system that all these teams are about to go poach from like that really unsure about, and that's an excellent point a new because that was going to be the next thing I said once again, proving that we are just. Truly in sync with each other at all times because. You're like like, I said before I get why teams are wanting to Clean House I get why they're unhappy with their roster this the suspicious side of me the conspiracy put on your tin. Foil. Hat. Side of me though is thinking, okay, this is a lot though this is. Dallas you know I get gladiators to an extent. Houston has been struggling, but then you have guys like Miami or Florida. London has dropped their roster. The spark have dropped their roster. There is. A lot of vacancies now that you're going to have to fill, this is where people are getting their theories. Then because you're absolutely right, the farm system is not as deep for overwatch contenders has taken a hit as far as like top talent goes right they all these dropped their contender teams last year. So right how many teams are really less standing at this point with an organization backing them I should add of the guys that you might think would be better to pick up. You know all these players dropping our are sticking with over overwatch. Some are like mccreavy has. Announced that he is staying with over watch US looking for team but guys like Gamsu. He's a said that he's going to go back to compete and legal legends. AKM has announced that he's looking for a Valentim uncool I believe also announced from the fuel. trill another fuel player that has announced he wants to move over to looking for for a roster. If feels like a fifty fifty split between those staying in those really liked departing the scene. You know quote unquote retiring overwatch on it. It really does feel like fifty fifty based on the players that we've kind of seen publicly so far

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