Saturday at the 2020 Masters


Saturday at the masters in dustin. Johnson is running away. He carries a four shot lead into the final round sunday. Following a seven under sixty five saturday he was masterful tying jordan speiss fifty four hole record chasing johnson on the leaderboard are sung j. M abraham answer and cameron smith all four shots back while justin thomas and dylan 'fratelli sit five shots back following his round saturday. I called up with dustin johnson. Seven hundred sixty five news. Dustin johnson to sixteen under through three rounds. What did you do well saturday. And what if anything would you like to do. Better sunday I did everything while today. Adrover very nicely head. A bunch of fairways Hit a lot of greens and felt like i. I gave myself good chances on your on almost every hole. and so. that's kind of what you gotta do here. In the conditions. Not a lot of wind you know. Courses is fairly soft so you can be aggressive and Strike in a very nicely today And so you know tomorrow. We'll have to go out and do a lot of the same if i to win. Tied jordan speeds fifty four hole record. What's the balance between staying aggressive and not being dumb Well for me. It all depends on you know. Flag positions numbers Forgot a good number. And and i like the flag is a play aggressive but Like i said the course right now is is very receptive so you know i know the guys behind me are going to be trying to chase down south. You know you can't play you know there's a there's definitely a fine line of being too conservative and too aggressive but you just have to pick and choose my spots second last year. How did that impact your motivation. This time around. I mean yeah it was. I've played well last year. I played while the last couple years so obviously this one tournament that that i definitely want to win and you know. It means a lot to me. A- grew up so close to here and so it is something that i really look forward to until tomorrow is going to be a. It's gonna be a lot of funding. I'm gonna try to enjoy myself as much as i can and Hopefully hopefully outcomes good tomorrow afternoon. You heard dustin johnson say right there how badly he wants to win the masters. It's the dream of every player in the field in this eighty. Four th edition for more analysis on the third round and what to expect sunday. Let's bring in the voice of masters digital jimmy roberts. Dustin carries a four shot lead into sunday following a seven hundred sixty five saturday. He was masterful. Tying jordan speiss fifty four hole record assess his performance on saturday. A great it was basically as good as you could get You know you said it. He tied the fifty four hole scoring record. It is a different time of year. But i don't think it really matters. I mean the thing that sticks out to me is that you know through fifty four holes. He's got two bogeys which is unimaginable. On this golf course and they were in consecutive holes. Fourteen and fifteen in the second round. And when you stop to think about it he bogeyed the second easiest hole on the course which means that by all rights. He should probably expect to birdie the fifteen th hole. You give him two more strokes and he's just farther ahead of the pack. But i will just say this. I was here in nineteen ninety six and i covered that masters where greg norman had six stroke lead and nick faldo came back to win it so i mean this course can do things to you i mean. I think that there were extenuating circumstances that year. Norman had some physical difficulties. That didn't manifest until the final day and faldo played effortlessly. I think he shot sixty seven It's gonna take that for somebody to beat him tomorrow Somebody's going to have to play really really well. And he's going to have to stumble. What is it about this golf. Course that suits his game so well. Well i mean at this point really. He's the number one player in the world and he's as they like to say in europe he's on form so you know. He's a finely tuned engine right now and He's not even close to the red line. So i mean he is just got it all going on right now. I mean he's you know. I always say that you know. These are the best golfers in the world on on a week to week basis. You know you shouldn't be surprised if somebody you've never heard of comes up and wins a tournament because they are all remarkably talented. But he's the best of all of them right now and he is playing really well You know we've talked about this over the last couple of days. He you know he's long and straight which is tough to beat and then a couple of years ago. He decided that in order to get better you had to work on his wedge game so he went and did that he's become a terrific putter and he's completely unflappable. He i think. And i think that's the most important thing i think he's a guy who just does not get undone by much. I just asked him a few moments ago. what's the balance between maintaining the aggression. That got you here without going too far. Yeah i'd i'd be curious to know what he said but in all honesty. I've never seen him loses. Temper made him. I've never seen him hot. I've never seen him running hot. I'd seen him disappointed disappointed. And you're not going to be able to see this on the podcasts. But you know it's just kind of an shucks wish i hadn't tripled that whole crazy when i do. Something you know like that He's really he's a talented man. Who's in stride right now and You know he's done a lot He's one everything but tons of majors. I mean he's tiger tiger woods. He's one in to start his career. He's won thirteen consecutive seasons to start his career. Only tiger woods is done that and he tied him tiger actually one in his first fourteen seasons. But i mean he just consistently wins you know and it's hard to beat talent you know and worth work ethic when you match those two things together. It's very difficult. Let's look at the leaderboard. That is chasing dustin johnson song j. m. abraham answer cameron smith all four shots back. Justin thomas and dylan for tally. Five shots back if you were going to pick one to catch him. I don't think there's any question. The person who watches is Is justin thomas. But the way sunday m is playing and things are different now than they used to be. You know it's been forty one years since a first timer has one here that was fuzzy zeller nineteen seventy-nine. You know i was with the jack nicklaus this morning doing something and He talks. Jack came here and he didn't win for the first five times that he played here. But this is a course more than any other course were experiences necessary. But look you've got answer and in two players who were here for the first time in their you know right nipping at his heels Sebastian munoz too. So i i do think that must not be worth as much as it has been in the past given the level of talent and work of these guys but you know you give me a guy who has the experience and a guy who doesn't of equal talent and at the same spot in their game. I'm gonna take the guy with experience at this place every single time. Rory mcilroy and brooks koepka. Both superstars both at eight. Under after three rounds. How plausible is it that they might contend on sunday. I think it's entirely plausible. I mean i think that you know mcelroy's trending in the right direction after that seventy five in the first round which was disastrous for him. Just can't seem to get out of his own way sometimes but he's got a game. That's ideally suited for this place. He hits it high far and straight. His natural shot is right to left You know he's been number one in the world he's not undone by these big situations. Generally i think he's going to be a very interesting guy to watch tomorrow. But in all honesty there's so much daylight between dustin johnson and the rest of the field at this point and it's not the daylight of four strokes. It's the daylight of four strokes with the number one player on the one side of that daylight. Who's playing well. And i mean. I think it's gonna take dustin johnson shooting seventy two or three tomorrow. I mean i suppose it could happen. You know greg. Norman shot seventy six. Nick faldo shot sixty seven That lead had evaporated by the tenth. Tentpole the eleventh hole So you never know. But i would be. I would be shocked. But i remember being augusta national in in One thousand nine hundred ninety six and remember all the stories that we were doing. And i did a story for. Espn that night. And i said you know it would be shocking if greg norman didn't win but if he doesn't it will be one of the biggest stories and we won't soon forget it and here. We are all these years later. Talking about it at augusta national right now.

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