Small businesses struggle amidst lockdowns, larger companies are hopeful


Have really taken a hit. In the last several months as a result of the covert lockdown. We're not seeing that. Interestingly, we're not seeing that in the S and P 500. Of course, the S and P 500 reflects the largest 500 companies in the United States. And they are for the most part and pretty well insulated. From the From the effects of covert. The shutdown has affected as you pointed out, primarily smaller businesses. Restaurants, uh, a lot of those types of businesses that and while that's crushing your your business owner, the larger companies no. But when one looks at the charts, we see the Dow industrials the S and P the NASDAQ the transports all rocketing to new highs. A Gordon So I think that bodes well for the for the economic health for the U. S. A. Here looking out 6 to 9 months.

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