Negative-yielding bond supply hits all-time high


Talk about gold and silver and bitcoin a little bit and what we're really talking about here is negative using bonds. Why well because when bond yield nothing when the when the safe havens of the world the sovereign bonds of europe and japan mostly. They're the they're the big negative yielders when they yield nothing. Well then why not. Just hold gold. Gold yields nothing as well and might hold its value a lot better than the yen and the euro if they just keep printing them up forever which we know they will. So you know. In other words. Negative yielding bonds are traditionally good for gold. Right except lately okay so bloomberg financial times maybe not. I think there might've been another source. I can't remember those two had had articles recently pointing out the last week. The amount of negative yielding bonds in the world hit a new all-time high. It was like seventeen point zero five trillion eclipsing the aug twenty nineteen high of seventeen point oh four trillion of negative yielding dead in like said it's mostly japan sovereign debt and and european sovereign debt. So here we are. We've got this new high in negative yielding bonds. But you know something when. I look at the action since about august september in gold bitcoin and silver. What do i see will the negative yielding bonds are soaring out of sight. Right that number going up and up and up gold and silver kinda retreating into like a little bounce in early september kind of going sideways and else is happening bitcoin. Since that time is soaring so this is one of the risks of that. That's in believe is present in holding golden silver versus bitcoin. I think bitcoin is outperforming here. Because it's coming to be recognised more widely as a legit store of value now. Do i think this trend. Just you know this is it. It's gonna take off forever and gold and silver are going to be crap forever. Bitcoins gonna be great. No no i think this goes in waves. And i'm not selling gold and silver but haven't bought any more this year. I think i bought some in april. And that's the last physical gold and silver. I bought but bitcoin. I can't count the number of transactions executed just buying more bitcoin here and there like three or four transactions in the past two weeks just to give you a random sample so i i really liked bitcoin as you know and i think it's much earlier days than gold and silver right. Bitcoin was invented in two thousand nine gold and silver have been around for six thousand years right so we know that golden silver but bitcoin has this newness and those of us who kind of believe in early i think might wind up having an enormous advantage over people who don't figure it out until later you know we could be up ten twenty x by the time well. By definition right we will be up ten twenty fifty x by the time the rest of the world if it does gain rest of the world kind of acknowledgement. Figure it out. That's what to say about that. I'm not gonna. I'm not gonna fred about it too much. Because it's a very short term phenomenon. We're talking about since september here okay. So don't freak out. Don't sell your. I don't recommend selling your goal. You do what you want right germany. But i'm certainly not doing that. I'm just a little. I'm aware of this. I'm aware of the competition as a store of value between gold silver and bitcoin. And that's really all. I wanted to say about that.

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