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Savings visit van Meter homes. Com slash Savings to learn more Dave Don't nine W T o P. Traffic. Let's go to Storm team for Mike Standiford on this holiday. We've had a pretty good one here. We've had a really nice ones kind of gloomy to start out. But then the front came through late this morning. We've had a sunny afternoon with temperatures well above average. Nice weather will continue for the next several hours. So if you want to head out this Evenflo stroll the weather was certainly cooperate later. Stop. We're gonna change from partly cloudy to mostly cloudy. We're gonna turn cooler to our lives from 45 to 50. Mr Cloud Cover and Sunshine on Friday. It'll be a cooler day but still well above average high, separate fifties to lower sixties are normal high this time here on Lee in the low to mid fifties. High pressure brings more great weather this weekend Sunshine Saturday and Sunday highs both days around 60. Then on Monday, a powerful storm system comes away showers in a risk of thunderstorms. And I think we're gonna see some heavy rain at times. Eyes on Monday near 60 temperatures of mild right now 71 in Warrenton for Texas River Naval Air Stations, 67 degrees and right now, shall we have a temperature of 67 at Reagan National 69 in northwest D. C. Brought to you by new look home design right now, say 50% off all roofing materials. 20 now on double d T. O P, a fitness studio chain in DC is

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