The Apollo Library for GraphQL

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For folks that don't know anything about this. What is apollo. how does it fit with roth. Qu'ils can you give a brief overview of that. i can take that question So how doing oscar. Much since the beginning and we have open source implementation of logically. Things are off curiel. Stacks maybe i should say oh god stop would be good. Oh so rescue allies I like to think of it as a rest on steroids. So it's a way to communicate with your back. End of that allows client to query specific fields as a need so unlike at traditional rest. Api you query. Jesus and you have off seems so some of the things you might want and some of the things you might not use we've got you l. You can clearly hea- quest only the shells and that as to unit so it's It's a nicer bathroom. Mincy women and its way to model your your data your back Which moves a lot of patients between kids and and on top of that. The nice thing we ask you this. What's a started. What made me love got you all is that it's a completely totally tight. It's actually. It has some similarities with coach because it has features such as a note safety and all types. It's it's a computer type system. So i think it's a very good candidate are good companion to have a when writing quran. So it complements kotla nicely basically right. Yeah there's a to walk city well together because of the same concept and being able to have type safety from your beckoned to your funded is a super useful and as a korean developers are really okay so now tell us about apollo. Where does this sit up. And the way it is Actual clients for and Also falls a jvm and for coaching. They took that later. So it's named envoy because this is where most of us use it so issue haven't annoyed that and you have acura beckham apollo android Will generate models typeset models. That mucho back. So in a very high level it's a adultery gins that generate some code and sauce. Feis that you can later use with a one timer is at two does fascinating and also all kinds of things like jerry quest gushing so essentially you give it an end point and then it generates everything needed to talk to that endpoint right. Yeah give it an an point and customer fight so you would you fight your language. So you'll give goth terrell. find your. give us chemo. Defines orders types in your back end and that put the models for that

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