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Hey everyone it's jake wanna tell you about a new podcast that i think you gotta love. It's called about a girl and it's about the amazing and influential woman behind music. Icons women who inspired supported challenged icons like david bowie freddie mercury and bob marley on their way to greatness about a girl is hosted by eleanor. Wells and premieres. On november thirtieth. So go ahead and search for in subscribed about a girl on the iheartradio app apple podcasts. Or wherever you get your podcast so you never miss an episode. We're also gonna put episode one right here. The twenty seven club feed so be sure to check it out when it drops okay without further ado. Here's the trailer for about a girl rock. Arolla and eleanor wells. Host of the new podcast about a girl. And i want to tell you some stories. David bowie freddie mercury. Paul mccartney bob marley. Jim morrison you probably know these names but this is not really about them. This is about the women behind the legends. The one to inspired loved supported and challenged these icons on their way to greatness twelve incredible influential women. Without whom the landscape of popular music might be very different each episode. I'll give voice to one of these women who have remained muted in the shadows for far too long. This is your all access pass to some of the most exciting moment music history along with the fateful private moments that made it all possible about a girl is show for die hard music fans casual listeners and everyone in between the characters may be familiar but the perspectives are completely new. Bad girl premieres. November thirtieth. It comes to you from double elvis in partnership with iheartradio and is executive produced by jay brennan creator of disgrace. Land the twenty seven club and blood on the tracks. Find about a girl on the iheartradio app apple podcasts robbery. Get your podcasts.

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