Stephen .M. Smith and the Iron Bowl


Stephen smith welcome back from touchdown. Alabama stephen amit always good to see you and great to have you on the program. So it's the week of the iron bowl you've been high on the tide. Since the first time we talked during the summer. let's start with mag jones because you told us. He was different than that was before the public. In the heisman voters fell in love with him. Absolutely i mean. The young man has been battle tested poise and career. I remember him in the us. Freshmen in two thousand seventeen with the scout team out there throwing bombs and of course coach saban told him stop throwing the ball deep all the time. King looks at cope sabres coach. Tell your defense a check me there so you got a guy with that type about and that type of confidence even check his own coach. Nick sabin that you got yourself a quarterback that can really do some special things. So i knew from mack. Jones the freshman that he was poised to this moment but also seeing the growth that he's made targeted stephen m. smith who stephen m. seems like every every aspect of alabama has gotten better the one that has surprised when people is the is the defense. Because after the ole miss game i i wasn't sure that p golden should be buying green bananas. But what's happened on that side of the ball. The main thing is coke. Sabin and pete goading have done a great job. Simplifying things on times player stink too much. You think about my job and is my teammate. Doing his job. It's the guy in front of me. The guy behind me the guy next to me doing their job. And when you're thinking about so many things of your job is and training your is to be district where confusion comes in so nick. Saban has always been one to say. Do your job and the rest will take care of itself. So she and goading been a great june above of simplifying. The game plan players have done their job. You're seeing more pressure on defense guys stopping the run better. More turnovers created a the big thing here. Paul is essentially omits game. You've looked eleven. Shutout quarters football alabama including a complete game shutout of mississippi state and the team is getting off the theater on third down so a better job of simplifying the game plan and players. You know being concerned about doing their job correctly. It's interesting. we haven't really heard much in the aftermath of jason water when he went down some of the pundits. I remember somebody. Espn said alabama was done. They had no chance of winning the national championship. How has that been dealt with on the team. Because it doesn't seem like and i realized alabama has played a top five team Yet they will seem like they've done quite well without him. I remember a conversation. I had with john. Michie paul about you know. How do you feel. Avoid behind by waddell. He's a one type player. Barry explosive guy would. He got hurt against the volunteers. You heard coach. Sabe say you know. I hurt for college football. Not the fact that saving hearts for alabama. I'm sure he pretty much does but he hurts for college. Football due to people enjoy seeing james waddell on the field. He's fast he's a bottle he's gone. He's energetic he's explosive. He's highly entertaining. Obama has found ways to work. Around this. you've seen slade. Boden return be on kickoffs. Of course he got a twisted ankle against kentucky alabama monitoring jam all week and practice. He should be able to go this week. But we'll see what happens We have seen devante. Smith retiring ponts against kentucky patrick satanic. A second has also field in that role a little bit so save has put he and different guys and that special teams role to try to you know. Fill that void but it's worked out for the most part. It is difficult trying to find that guy that can do know what j. waddell does

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