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You too. Clearly. Yes. We have you been watching good. I've got a box set. I've got the DVD way unbelievable. I used to watch that at like 5 a.m. In the morning when wage Else is on. I think it's still just as good as it stands up that one I think stands up but I think it depends some of them do some of them don't so not prompted by me but my daughter has started has watched the remake of Danger Mouse and then because she enjoyed it went seeking out more Danger Mouse and found the original series and had those and I've watched the original Danger Mouse with her which I love and that that stands up I was surprised that this. As animated as I remember it but the dialogue is fantastic and they're just as fun as always were problems GPS. Mike emailed us. I make my own Steam OS from in a bun to installation nowadays. I got everything working custom proton white Etc. I do this by modifying the original see my resources and repackaging into Deb's and install them. I'm trying to finalize this project and make it available on GitHub if anyone is interested. These only attended to be a quick fix until I can finish the job. Jules device in store for which I'm also working on with all these flavors just focusing on desktop environments. Why not something for gaming? I've been too steamy maybe so this has been done before birth. Stephenson's rocket was a version of this made by Joe Shields and it was a it was when steamos was very early on and he he was making it work on on devices that steamos wasn't originally able to be installed on so yeah making tweaks and changes and I think there is an open to gaming facts rename o s. Yeah, something like that that's got a lot of this stuff. But yeah, why not? Yeah, go for it. To be honest. I found when building steam boxes if you just install Steam and then wage you set up so that it launches on login in be picture mode and you don't require a password to log into that account. You're ninety percent of the way there. Yeah I've dead. I've done the same with it, but do not a machine behind me. The only thing I've I've had to do is turn off a couple of things so I don't get punched in the face with any like update dialogues or anything. But um, there's another one that pops up all the one for Deja do The Back-up one that after a while that punches you so yeah, there are there are a couple of weeks. But yeah, mostly a lightweight desk top off all live on T or something like that top. Mostly done, but I guess I guess what is aiming at is making something nice and easy to use for people so they don't have to set that up. Yes. Yes. They don't have to do all of that. The rest of us. Yeah sounds fun. we had a tremendous amount of feedback to our segment where we discussed a bun do is is not boring. So we can't read it all out. We do read it all but we can't read it all out so dead Michael a re emailed us. I am totally blind. And as far as I currently know Urban to and Debian are the only two distributions I can install without running to find sighted assistance when the live Urban Two Boots. I just have to press super old s and get all her and talked resisted install and then the new installation comes up speaking and speaking with reliable and Rakim dependency so many other distros based on a bun to rip out this accessibility like Linux Mint Which is far as I know does not have this the post so hats off to the Hyundai. Engineers who do the donkey work that Downstream distros either rely on or often rip out. I absolutely refused to use the distribution if I cannot install it unassisted after all very few sighted users would entertain a distribution if they had to find a friendly blind person to install it for them PS Martin in a bun to mate 2010. I could not focus the energy to live button to button so could not get it installed. Currently. I have to install a bun to mate 1804 and then upgrade Michael. I'll take a look at that and see what I can do and anonymity just emailed us. I don't want my operating system to be exciting. In fact, it should be the complete opposite of that if I can use my computer without ever having to think about the operating system and it's doing its job correctly home. I want something that works reliably with the least amount of headache and has features and tools that allow me to be productive. Kenton emailed us are used to be eager to try the new releases because it was supposed to work better with Samsung. Is all printers or multiple displays or that particular graphics card or Bluetooth all those exciting things and now they're already and they work flawlessly with no mayonnaise configuration snaps

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