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Because there's bigger issues in the world. Now there's some people like to say, Well, just a football matter. Let's not incorporate these other issues. We're all being asked to adjust and change and alter our lives right now. And if you're big adjustment is all right. You buy. We got pushed the week four on short notice. And then you're supposed to get, you know and extra long weekend And now that game gets pushed the Sunday It's not the end of the world, So I will say they have the right to be frustrated. I won't question I won't Say that someone can't say something because they're upset with something. So I will then say that they have the right. I just don't think they should have been tweeting the way that they did today. It came off to me as It's a lot of wining that was going on. But I'll go on sides. They do have the right. All right. Jackson of the movement of that Steelers Rabia Games on Sunday. That leaves just two games on the Thanksgiving Day sleep. The Texans will battle the lines in the first game today. Well, the Cowboys would then host of Washington football team.

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