SpaceX, NASA set for historic Crew-1 launch today: Everything to know

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As the first certified launch system in nasa's commercial crew program the crew. One mission marked a series of firsts for crew transportation it is the first international crew of four to launch john. An american commercial spacecraft. It is the first time. The space station's long duration expedition crew size will increase from six to seven crewmembers significantly adding crew time available for scientific research on the station. And it's the first time the faa has licensed a human orbital spaceflight launch. The four commercial crew astronauts will conduct science and station maintenance during their six month. Stay aboard the orbiting laboratory with a return to earth planned for the spring of twenty twenty one the astronauts fittingly named the crew dragon spacecraft resilience highlighting the dedication teams have displayed to make the launch successful during these extraordinary times and proving that when we worked together there's no limit to what we can achieve

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